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What Does SEO look like for your CBD or Hemp Business?

SEO Client Reign Together Success Story

Most CBD and hemp companies are startups as the industry is still in its infancy stage. 

Reign together was generating very few monthly e-commerce product sales when Guardian Owl Digital took the reigns on SEO. 

The image below shows the number of Impressions on Google Search Console which indicate to Guardian Owl Digital how many times Google showed your website to online visitors searching for your product or business.

These are screenshots of a 90 day period with Guardian Owl SEO at work.

What is Google Search Console

In June of 2019 Organic Search made up 13% of the traffic coming to the site.

By the beginning of September 2019 Organic Search Made up 22% of overall website traffic for Reign Together.

Google Analytics Example

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Build Your CBD or Hemp Brand

Digital marketing is perfect for building brand awareness. To compete in that crowded market, with cannabis business categories that cut across health, wellness, lifestyle, CPG, food & beverage and more, successful cannabis business’s need to stake out a niche now online. And perfectly calibrated search engine marketing makes you a magnet for anyone searching for your cannabis business specialty.

Guardian Owl Digital seo Agency

Connect with Consumers

The spectrum of cannabis consumers is broad and getting broader. To connect with them, you have to speak their languages — all of them. Guardian Owl creates content for cannabis business websites and social media that meets consumers where they are —especially new and prospective consumers. We can customize digital ads to their intended targets with ridiculous precision, crafting messages that convert curiosity into clicks and clicks into customers.

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