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Setting Up the Perfect Office Meeting Is No Small Task

In theory, the office meeting (now commonly conducted on Zoom) aims to provide an efficient platform for engaging “all hands on deck” and determining the most time-efficient approach to organizing the work day, week, month, year, or even beyond.

In practice, preparing for a meeting can consume a significant amount of time, resulting in a substantial cost to establish a dedicated discussion session on how the company should allocate its time.

Here is where Gamma, which was recently mentioned in a New York Times article about using A.I. for office meetings, can come in. 

Gamma Understands the Importance of Visual Presentations

It is uncommon for a meeting to pass without someone bringing a Powerpoint or Google Doc to the attention of everyone.

Why, really, do we even need these visual aids for our presentation? 

A good reason is that people may pay less attention if you simply speak to them. Assigning everyone to review a slide presentation or document with crucial information ensures their attention remains engaged.

Give people more stimulation to pay attention to during their presentation, and the less chance you have of sending someone into a daydream of that homemade BLT that is waiting patiently in the office fridge, mere steps from the conference room. 

What Gamma does is generate slides, docs, and even webpages in mere seconds. This is like a ChatGPT that is ready to spit out visual presentations, according to your specifications. 

How Does Gamma Work? 

Sign up for a free account to access Gamma and enjoy the perks of automating your presentations, just like ChatGPT.

Imagine leading your moon landing poster company’s creative team to craft captivating variations of the classic “flag on moon” design. Here is what you might ask Gamma to generate for you: 

“Create ten slides outlining a plan for selling a poster where the moon is in fact made of cheese. Graphic designers will need to create a cheesy moon picture by this Friday. Encourage the team to get creative—maybe the moon has a bite taken out of it, who knows. Also, make the astronauts mice.” 

From there, Gamma will make that presentation for you, saving you precious time. 

Tips for Using Gamma

Though Gamma will create slides that are full of text according to your specifications, it is best to prepare to have to insert your own crucial data. 

So, think of it as if you are creating a really strong outline, and you just need to fill in the details to make it complete. 

Of course, regardless of whether the Gamma presentation perfectly suits your needs or not, you will want to examine it. To avoid being caught off guard by any unexpected elements, ensure your preparedness for the presentation by familiarizing yourself with the slides.

Though Gamma is useful for internal work, there is plenty more customer-oriented A.I. applications that are available for your business. You can learn about them through our initiative GO AI, which connects businesses with the A.I. solutions that they need. 

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