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YouTube is a platform that should be of interest to any businesses  wanting to sell products online. The site hosts a huge audience that is both active and engaged. YouTube boasts roughly 2 BILLION active monthly users, and each session averages around 6 pageviews. That is great news for businesses and marketers, but this begs the question how it relates to SEO. When people think of search engines,  they think of Google, but in reality, YouTube is another name that fits the bill perfectly. In fact it is the second largest search engine (after Google). The best part of this is that many of the same SEO strategies used for Google can be transferred over to YouTube Ad campaigns as well, as the two platforms are closely linked and use the same programs to display metrics, rank content, and more. 

YouTube just added a new campaign feature  that allows businesses to add links to shoppable ecommerce products. This new feature allows for customers to easily view relevant products and shop directly from ecommerce sites while already watching video ads, and makes the platform even more interactive. 

Youtube Ads 2020

For over a decade, YouTube has been a key player in bridging a gap that has existed between consumers and products online. Before YouTube and the internet, businesses did not have such an easy time engaging consumers. Also, consumers weren’t able to easily access the products they had seen in television ads like they can in 2020. Generally, ads would focus on a single product, and sadly marketers had very little resources in determining if that product was actually relevant to the consumer watching the advertisement. As the YouTube platform became an industry  standard in video content, the old format started dying. Instead of dialing a phone number or making a trip to the store, customers could simply click a link. With YouTube’s new shoppable product ads, this is more true than ever. The timing is perfect as in 2020 more and more consumers are moving online for an increasingly wide array of products. It is predicted that by 2021, 230 million people will shop online in the United States alone. 

Now, when consumers see ads before watching a YouTube video, they can see a wide selection of the products available to them, and will be able to directly shop through the ad, making the process even easier.  Even better, YouTube ads present a great financial advantage to businesses. YouTube uses user data to display ads that are relevant to the viewer. This means businesses can save money on ad spend by not displaying ads to viewers who don’t fit the right demographics. YouTube ads are already very cheap (as little as a penny a click), but this new feature makes campaigns even more lucrative than before. 

These new additions to the  YouTube video ad format will be very fittingly called “video action” campaigns. In the world of digital marketing, a very important concept is the “call to action.” Essentially, any marketing campaign should in some way lead to a “conversion”, whether it be signing up for an appointment, buying a product, etc.  At the end of the day, ads are designed to sell products; everyone loves a nice branding campaign now and again that highlights a company as a whole, but it is key to showcase a strong product line to back it up. This is especially true when it comes to companies that focus on online shopping. Now businesses can highlight their products even more, and engage consumers in a new way. 

Let us at Guardian Owl Digital help you start the SEO process and make the decision to take advantage of ecommerce YouTube ads for your business.