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After many tech leaders and researchers have, controversially, called for a pause on many high-level AI developments and operations, ChatGPT among them, big-name CEOs like Sundar Pichai at Google have suggested that the AI development will go on as usual.

Such a moratorium would have wide-ranging effects on the world of AI. 

For one, companies like Microsoft and Google, which are currently shoveling metaphorical coal piles of cash into metaphorical furnaces for the sake of AI development, will have to deal with major sunk costs and layoffs as a result of the pause. 

The American Tech World Will Likely Forge Ahead

So, for such companies, the argument will be for business as usual, with an emphasis that they are already focused on ethics in AI development. 

This speaks to the reality that for most AI companies, nobody is forcing their hand on the issue. If they want to keep going, they will keep going. 

The biggest reasons have already been stated: money, and employee retention, and satisfaction. 

Microsoft and Google are on track to making their chatbots become incredibly profitable once they reach a stage of sophistication of being low on errors, and therefore usable by businesses that do not need to proofread them so heavily. Those companies do not want to stop the train now. 

However, recently a major European nation, Italy, passed a nationwide ban of ChatGPT, which can have major implications for AI development. 

Italy Sets an Example

Though much of the AI innovation is happening in the United States, Italy’s ban can be a major power move for other governments to consider. 

Imagine the majority of the countries in the European Union (EU) that approve a ban on the usage of certain AI tools, and AI development, within their respective nations. 

If certain AI tools are made by the U.S., this could have a big impact on American AI companies’ profitability. 

Though there is plenty of money to be made within the U.S., the possibility of losing out on the international market may incentivize American AI companies to bend to the demands of other nations. 

Again, it all comes back to money: If massive profits are off the table because the United States AI developers do not meet the ethics-in-AI standards of many other countries, then you will likely see AI that is more inclined to listen to countries like Italy when it comes to developing AI. 

Differences Between European Governments and the United States

In the United States, there tends to be a greater distance between corporations and the government, so the latter must take greater pains to stop the operations of corporations. 

This is also a country where the notion of “corporate personhood” grants companies far more freedom to operate as they wish. If ethical concerns, such as whether AI will take all of our jobs or not, are largely in the stage of theoretical than actual, then the companies are less likely to be hit with a moratorium from the United States Government. 

Will This Have an Impact On Current AI Tools? 

Because of the controversy surrounding ChatGPT, it may not be the best move to have it be an essential part of your business’s operations. 

It is likely the case that more narrow AI, such as marketing tools offered by Findability Sciences, will be safe from any further bans. 

That’s because such tools have been industry-tested and are used in restricted environments—i.e., they are not openly available for the public to use at any time. 

If your business is interested in using such tools, then read on below. 

Want to Use AI for Your Business? Let’s GO. 

With ChatGPT, artificial intelligence finally had its “iPhone moment”.

Like smartphones, which were once a niche technology, AI is slowly becoming universally recognized as one of the most important and life-changing technologies of our era. 

There are many business owners out there wondering how they can take advantage of AI. What they may not know is that plenty of businesses, including their competitors, are already using AI. 

Right now, the technology is available to business owners. They just need to know where to look. 

Guardian Owl Digital has a proven track record of working with businesses through its AI and machine learning initiative, GO AI. 

GO AI, through a partnership with Findability Sciences, offers clients the services of AI platforms like IBM Watson that offer automated marketing solutions. 

This includes TouchUp, which will tell you how your customers will receive your creative marketing materials. 

Predict+ offers up to 99% accurate predictions for important data such as customer churn rates or the prices of materials you order for your operations. 

Persona modeling offers you key cognitive insights into your customer base, enabling you to improve your marketing and customer outreach efforts based on what your customers care about. 

And that is just a few of the AI and machine learning solutions that we offer. 

From finance to manufacturing to healthcare and beyond, any and every industry, and business of all sizes, can benefit from our affordable AI solutions. 

So, what are you waiting for? GO AI today to grow your business. 

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