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Don’t wait to take advantage of the premium features Google My Business is offering your business free of charge.

What is Google My Business & Google Maps

A family of four is deciding on a restaurant for Sunday night dinner. The kids are having a hard time agreeing before the parents settle on a local Italian restaurant. They search the location on Google Maps and begin driving there. When they arrive, the restaurant looks dark and unpopulated. The family realizes the restaurant is closed!

Where was that information in the Google search?

 Google My Business

When users Google search or look up a business on Google Maps, they expect relevant information in return. Google My Business is an online platform that holds the most essential information to improve

Client Example

Adding your service business to Google My Business can seem redundant. After all, you already have a contact page, a listed address, a phone number. Google knows how to crawl your site and list that information without you having to lift a finger.

What more could you need out of your Google listing?

It turns out there’s a lot more you can do to optimize your presence on Google for services—even when someone simply types in your business name.

Proven Results

Through adding the below information to our Bob Hook Service Center GMB we gained the following in 28 days:

  •  Claiming and Verifying your business
  • Selecting your Categories
  • Adding Services or Products to GMB
  • Curating Examples of Services or Products


Map Views


Website Visits

Photo Views


Discovery Searches for Business

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