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It seems that ever since the public release of ChatGPT last November, public and, importantly, professional interest in artificial intelligence has increased. 

Industry insiders have been predicting for some time now that AI is a field that is going to grow and grow. Now, it is only a question of just how much it will grow. 

One of the largest practical applications for AI in the world has been AI marketing. 


AI Marketing and SEO Growth


Search Engine Land projects a fivefold growth of AI’s use in SEO and content by the end of this year (2023). 

Some industry insiders are suggesting that AI in marketing alone will be an industry that is valued at $35 billion by…2024. 

You read that correctly: Tens of billions of dollars are expected to be poured into AI marketing efforts by next year. 

And AI marketing is already at an impressive amount. In 2020, approximately $12 billion was spent on AI marketing efforts. 

If you are a business owner, the question you ought to be asking yourself right now is whether you are investing enough in AI marketing for your company. 

And if you have yet to invest, then consider that the competition is likely going to invest which is expected to increase to an over $100B industry by 2028.


What AI Marketing Services Are Available? 


Chatbots are just the beginning of what AI can do for your marketing strategy. 

Of course, chatbots can interact with customers on your website, social media, and via email. 

It does not stop there. 

There is a field of AI called “computer vision” that teaches AI to analyze visual and audio data. For instance, an advertisement that you are thinking of posting to your business’ social media account. 

There is a tool called Creative TouchUp that will leverage computer vision capabilities to analyze your marketing material. 

From there, TouchUp will be able to offer accurate predictions about where customers’ attention will be drawn, in steps, across the various parts of your ad. 

Recommendations for adjusting color, logo placements, text font and size, etc., will all be suggested by TouchUp based on those predictions. 


TouchUp also tells you what emotions your ad is likely to evoke, such as anger or sadness. In other words, TouchUp predicts what “vibes” your ad will give off. 


On top of all of that, TouchUp also identifies the demographics that are most likely to respond to your marketing material. This can help you better align your marketing efforts to your intended audience. 


TouchUp is offered by Findability Sciences, which also offers chatbots and this next AI prediction platform. 


Another AI marketing tool that you can use will analyze and predict customer churn for your business. 


If you are looking to maintain your existing customers, then this can be an essential AI tool for you to use. 


By analyzing past data of your own company, and public data about customer churn in general, AI will be able to identify those parts of your customer base that are most likely to churn by the end of a certain time period. 


This can help you either prepare for the churn, or increase your customer outreach efforts for the sake of retaining those customers likely to stop buying from your business. 


If you want even more marketing solutions powered by AI, GO AI with Guardian Owl Digital, which is a partner with Findability Sciences. 


GO AI to Grow Your Business


Predicting the prices of raw materials with 99% accuracy. Finding out your customer churn rate well in advance. Analyzing your marketing materials to find out where viewers’ eyes will go, and in what order. 


Guardian Owl Digital knows that AI is not the future—it is right now. And right now, businesses everywhere are making use of their data with AI platforms. 


GO AI is our artificial intelligence initiative that offers you cutting-edge AI tools through our partnership with Findability Sciences. 


We offer everything from automated chatbots that can converse with your customer base, to advertising programs that use computer vision to optimize your creative marketing strategies. 


Let’s GO.


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