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Hit the Road, Jack

The order of 5,000 plush orangutan dolls that your factory just manufactured has just been loaded into the back of the semi-truck for its voyage to the last remaining Toys ‘R’ Us in the world. 

Thanks to the AI prediction platform you recently incorporated into your manufacturing process, you know that the number of orangutan dolls will be in that golden mean of sales were there will be left neither an under- nor an overstock of dolls at the end of this sales period. 

You also are making a pretty penny off of the sale of the dolls to the Toys ‘R’ Us thanks to the AI agent’s ability to find the profit-maximizing product price recommendation, finding a price high enough for you to give the factory workers a holiday bonus but low enough for Toys ‘R’ Us to actually pay it for those dolls. 

You are not just laughing on the way to the bank, you are howling in a fit of hilarity, because you were already making a sizable profit because of the record low costs of operations you have been enjoying ever since using the price prediction platform for commodity price prediction. You got the lowest possible price on all the materials going into making those beautiful orange monkeys. 

So, by the time you load them into that semi-truck and bid it good luck on its voyage to that flagship toy store, you think you have it made. 

Except, you could still be making even more money if you brought AI’s prediction capabilities to the business of transporting the goods. 

The Costs of Transportation

All good manufacturers understand that getting the product made in the factory is only half the battle. Shipping it from the factory to…wherever it is going, is an expensive endeavor in itself, and that any number of tweaks to that process can, depending on the tweaks, make it more expensive or much cheaper. 

Obviously, the cheaper route is the preferable one, provided it is not dangerous or threatening to the driver or the goods being transported. 

We are going to recommend that you do not spring for a self-driving truck, at least not anytime soon since most are still not entirely safe to use, but rather consider more humble, yet incredibly effective, implementations for AI in transportation. 

AI Will Be Your Road Guide

A prediction platform will function like a souped-up version of a GPS, able to analyze traffic, weather, construction, and other drive-affecting conditions to find the best route. 

While your typical GPS is focused on providing a real-time route for current conditions, a prediction platform will go much further, figuring out based on an analysis of historical road conditions what the best time for departure and arrival are. Including, of course, the best way how to get from point A to point B. 

This is especially helpful in negotiating with a client when you will drop off a shipment. Knowing, say, a week in advance the best day and span of time for a shipment that, ultimately, will cut down on time and costs for shipment, can be life-changing. 

Another use is a real-time tracking of drivers using AI. AI can ensure that the driver is keeping up with the estimated schedule, and alert management if something is going wrong. Likewise, if something unexpected comes up, such as a car crash—one not involving the semi-truck, that is—then the AI agent can offer alternative suggestions, and, again, alert management about a possible delay, so that the client can be notified as well. 

Road Requirements

Going back to before the semi-truck hits the road, AI prediction platforms like Findability Sciences’ Predict+ can figure out the exact requirements for a shipment ahead of time, allowing for the most efficient allocation of resources, such as the number of trucks in a transportation fleet, before the goods are even manufactured. 

Findability’s prediction platform has been able to automate resource planning for clients that resulted in a 45% increase in accuracy. Lower overall expenses were reported, and the same can be done for transportation in your manufacturing process. 

Reach Out for Results 

If you are interested in implementing an AI-powered prediction platform to improve your company’s methods of transportation, then do not hesitate to reach out to Findability Sciences today to get started on entering the future of manufacturing.