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If you are a Pinterest user, then you know that the app has no shortage of recommended pictures for you to analyze. Though it often feels as if a hardworking individual is continually curating content for you, it is actually pretty much all done by Pinterest’s AI.

Basically, you are still getting a personalized gift basket of visual inspiration from the app, but it is Pinterest’s AI that selects what content you will see. Read on to learn how this works. 

How Pinterest Leverages Artificial Intelligence

Harvard’s Digital Innovation and Transformation platform outlines how Pinterest’s AI operates. 

The key understanding lies in how Pinterest utilizes machine learning—a subfield of AI dedicated to enabling AI platforms to learn independently. This empowers AI to autonomously enhance its performance in completing assigned tasks.

Pinterest actively employs machine learning to learn the interests of each individual user. Every scroll you make serves as valuable data for Pinterest’s AI, enabling it to gradually grasp the content that aligns with your preferences.

PinSage, Pinterest’s AI platform, actively gathers visually related images into graphs and utilizes them to generate content recommendations for users based on their searches.

The other important platform is Pinnability, which measures how likely certain users are to interact with Pins. This feature actively ensures that your recommendations stay as relevant as possible, guaranteeing that when you open the application, you will find the content you’re interested in.

Pinterest Has Been Investing in AI For Years Now

This may surprise you, but Pinterest is actually a key player in the world of AI digital solutions.

First, it acquired AI company Kosei back in 2015, as TechCrunch reported at the time. The purchase of this AI commerce recommendation platform was a major step forward for AI becoming integral to popular online communities, Pinterest foremost among them. 

Only last year (2022), Vogue reported that Pinterest won a bid to purchase AI shopping app The Yes, which offers fashion recommendations to users. 

Key Takeaways About Pinterest’s AI for Business Owners 

What Pinterest understands well is that AI has many applications, but only a small number of those applications are relevant to a unique business. 

This is because each business operates differently. 

For instance, AI that can track the shipments of deliveries can be very helpful for a business like Walmart, but more or less irrelevant to Pinterest, which does pretty much all of its business online. 

If you want your business to successfully implement AI, then you are going to have to figure out what parts of your business can best benefit from the implementation of AI. 

That being said, taking a step towards learning which aspects of your operations can benefit from artificial intelligence is necessary. If you are looking for those answers, then we can certainly help you at Guardian Owl Digital, through our artificial intelligence initiative GO AI.

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