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Recently, ChatGPT suffered a snafu that presented opportunities for data breaches. As a result, ChatGPT underwent an outage during which the problem was resolved. 

This is important to know because so many business owners have come to rely on ChatGPT to take care of certain tasks. If your business’s information was compromised, then you may be in trouble. 

So what happened, and why? 

The ChatGPT Incident

The likelihood that your personal information was stolen was actually low in this case, because the data breach only potentially affected users that were logged on at a certain time, between 1 AM and 10 AM PST on March 20th, 2023.

In this time window, a vulnerability in the system made those users’ account information, which includes payment information, accessible to other users. 

Only the last four digits of a credit card number, and the expiration date, was all one could see for another user’s payment information. But that is in addition to the email address, payment address, and first and last name of the user. 

ChatGPT’s Potential for Data Breaches

This kind of incident may become more frequent over time, because one thing is for sure: ChatGPT is by far the most well-known, as well as the most popular (with the general public, at least) chatbot. 

What is the significance of this? 

Well, it makes ChatGPT a big target for cyberattacks. It is especially attractive to cybercriminals because users must sign up using their personal information, including email address and phone number, just to use the chatbot. 

Having access to these things, in tandem with the things asked of the chatbot, can mean that many users’ sensitive information may be at risk if you continue to use ChatGPT. 

This is especially the case for business owners, who may be entering valuable yet private, or semi-private, information about employees, customers, and internal information to ChatGPT. If someone manages to access such data, then it will make your company even more vulnerable to a cyberattack. 

A Safer AI Alternative

IBM Watson is the preferred AI platform for many businesses across a wide variety of industries. 

Watson is well-protected and has been used by some businesses for over a decade now, which ought to speak to its level of security. 

Though Watson may not be drawing the same hype and media attention as ChatGPT, this may ultimately be a good thing for Watson users, because it keeps cybercriminals more interested in the “bigger fish” like ChatGPT. In turn, Watson will be safer to use. 

You can actually access IBM Watson today, though be apprised that it is not like ChatGPT in that it is designed to have customer relations conversations with your customers, instead of fulfilling the “do my homework” requests that ChatGPT is famous for. 

However, you can also access a wide range of other AI solutions through Watson, such as price prediction for raw materials and customer churn prediction. What is more is that you can get connected with Watson today, if you reach out to Guardian Owl Digital. We offer Watson’s services through our GO AI initiative, which we will detail below. 

Want to Use AI for Your Business? Let’s GO. 

With ChatGPT, artificial intelligence finally had its “iPhone moment”.

Like smartphones, which were once a niche technology, AI is slowly becoming universally recognized as one of the most important and life-changing technologies of our era. 

There are many business owners out there wondering how they can take advantage of AI. What they may not know is that plenty of businesses, including their competitors, are already using AI. 

Right now, the technology is available to business owners. They just need to know where to look. 

Guardian Owl Digital has a proven track record of working with businesses through its AI and machine learning initiative, GO AI. 

GO AI, through a partnership with Findability Sciences, offers clients the services of AI platforms like IBM Watson that offer you automated marketing solutions. 

This includes TouchUp, which will tell you how your customers will receive your creative marketing materials. 

Predict+ offers up to 99% accurate predictions for important data such as customer churn rates or the prices of materials you order for your operations. 

Persona modeling offers you key cognitive insights into your customer base, enabling you to improve your marketing and customer outreach efforts based on what your customers care about. 

And that is just a few of the AI and machine learning solutions that we offer. 

From finance to manufacturing to healthcare and beyond, any and every industry, and businesses of all sizes, can benefit from our affordable AI solutions. 

So, what are you waiting for? GO AI today to grow your business. 

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