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Whether you are a small business with one or a couple AI tools implemented or an enterprise with a sophisticated suite of AI algorithms at your disposal, something you will need to focus on in the upcoming year, 2023, is just how the world of AI is going to change during that time. 

Of course, there are always new innovations coming out, and a virtually nonstop succession of automated platforms produced, but the trends we want to focus on are the ones most important for helping you grow your business. 

Data Cleaning

AI feeds on data to create useful predictions, but not all data is built the same. 

Some data is corrupted, meaning the file is damaged and therefore unreadable by an AI platform. Other data may be inaccurate, which can weaken the AI platform’s performance and even yield misleading results. Such “uncleaned” data prevents you from getting the most out of your investment in AI. 

The way to fix this is to pay greater attention to your data sources, and to identify any potential problems that may be causing those sources to produce bad data. 

Some sources may be inherently problematic, in which case it is best to simply not include their data in your AI tools’ “diet”. Really, you want the most trustworthy (as opposed to merely the most) data. 

Putting More Resources into Data Organization 

Other times, the issue is in data organization. You may be storing data in multiple places, such as CRM or ERP software, which can mean that only some data gets leveraged while crucial data may be left unused. 

When companies implement AI tools, there is often a desire to just “plug it in” and watch the results roll in. 

Of course, any AI platform worth its salt is trained to find connections between large amounts of at times disparate data, but trouble comes when that data is not well-prepared to yield the best results. 

Both organization and cleaning do not have to be left to the company alone. Rather, the AI solutions partner can work closely with the company to create an optimal infrastructure architecture that will help organize and clean your company’s data so that your implemented AI solutions will yield the results you need to stay ahead. 

Greater AI Usage Across Most Industries 

This is a trend that only increases with each year, but across the majority of industries, AI tools are becoming the norm. As a result, having an AI platform implemented into your business is becoming a need, rather than a luxury. 

Otherwise, you will be scrambling to gather data on your own about what your customers want and will respond to, while your competitors will be using dedicated data-analysis platforms that create predictions with high-percentage accuracy.

When you don’t implement AI, you will be relying more on educated guesses that will make customer outreach efforts a gamble. 

GO AI with Guardian Owl Digital and Findability Sciences

Don’t gamble with your data—put it to better use with the various AI solutions that we have on offer. 

From predicting customer attrition rates to gaining cognitive insights into your customer base, the AI solutions you can get from Guardian Owl’s artificial intelligence initiative, GO AI (a result of our partnership with Boston-based AI innovators Findability Sciences), bring you to the vanguard of business-oriented AI technology. 

Want in on this? Connect with us to implement AI into your company.