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At long last, the next-gen version of the undisputed champion of B2B A.I. platforms, IBM Watson, is finally upon us. 

This upgraded version, named Watsonx, made its announcement earlier this year during the peak of the A.I. frenzy.

In July, IBM announced that Watsonx is going to be rolled out to business owners.

Now that Watsonx is available, we will go into why this is the best A.I. platform for business owners, which you can read about below.

Modify Watsonx to Your Business’s Needs

One of the outstanding features of Watsonx is that you can use your own company’s data to train the platform, thus personalizing it to your own operations and unique needs. 

Basically, this is like an A.I. version of a Build-A-Bear. Personalize the A.I. platform to your specific needs, and you will get plenty of results.

This encompasses a range of automated services as well. 

You can use Watsonx for everything from predicting customer churn to real-time customer outreach with website visitors. 

Watsonx Generative A.I. Capabilities

WatsonX can do everything that ChatGPT does—and more. 

But let’s focus for a few seconds on content creation.

For instance, if you run a car dealership and you aim to create excellent SEO content, you must continually publish high-quality content about the cars you intend to sell.

Watsonx can help you whip up content real quick. Through Watsonx, you can make content creation much more streamlined by getting A.I. drafts that your team can then look over and approve before posting. 

For a car dealership, we would recommend giving all the essential data up front, so that Watsonx can get to work creating the web page or blog you need. What you would do here is include the specs of the vehicle as the prompt, and then let Watsonx take things from there. 

The History of IBM Watson

Watson has been around for much longer than OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google’s Bard, and Meta’s case-sensitive LLaMA (which is now available as the much more spellable Llama 2).

Recall that in 2011, IBM Watson went on Jeopardy and was declared a winner, after going toe-to-toe with the game show’s venerable champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. 

However, this was a demonstration of IBM Watson’s predictive powers. A publicity stunt intended to go viral on the Internet, what IBM truly achieved here — not to diminish the prestige and honor of winning the game of Jeopardy — was demonstrating that their A.I. system could surpass human performance, particularly in the field of prediction.

Business owners around the globe responded to this publicity stunt by implementing IBM Watson into their operations. And that number is still growing now that IBM has recently released its upgraded version of IBM Watson, which goes by the name of Watsonx. 

Now, more than a decade later, IBM Watson has become the dominant B2B A.I. platform. In fact, 70% of global banking institutions employ IBM Watson. 

ChatGPT may get all the attention in the media, but we are here to show you that most businesses opt for IBM Watson for a number of reasons. 

IBM Watson vs. ChatGPT: There Is a Clear Winner Here

A business owner should definitely go with IBM Watson for A.I. services. 

ChatGPT has earned its notoriety because it is a jack-of-all-trades generative A.I. platform that will just as soon write a sixth-grade essay as it will a poem about car dealerships.

This is because the creators initially designed ChatGPT to serve as a versatile generative A.I. platform capable of meeting humanity’s general content needs. It was only when Microsoft became a heavy investor in the chatbot that the developers tried to steer it toward a more B2B thing. 

Think of the public release of ChatGPT in November of 2022 as like the Watson-goes-on-Jeopardy publicity stunt that OpenAI does. Of course, what made ChatGPT’s viral moment so significant is that people could actively engage with ChatGPT’s use. You had to watch Watson perform on Jeopardy; you could play around with ChatGPT yourself. 

However, let it be known that comparing the publicity stunts between platforms does not entail that the judgments of one marketing event over the other speaks to the quality of the products being marketed. 

IBM Watson was created for the express purpose of being used by business owners, which is why it has gained a reputation for being the most reliable and highest quality A.I. platform available for business owners to invest in. 

Guardian Owl Digital can connect you with the A.I. platforms that you need to succeed in an ever-competitive business landscape, where your competitors are beginning to invest in A.I. 

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