SEM PPC Management

Buy Your Own Ads. 

No Commission on Ad Buys.


We set up you’re own Google Adwords CID and give you full admin access. 

Once we build your ad campaign, we import your business Google Adwords account under our Guardian Owl Digital Manager CID.

This allows your business to take advantage of the added benefits of being a Google Certified Agency.  

Many of our clients aren’t aware of the additional benefits once you meet spend goals within Google Adwords.

Why not have your business receive the benefit versus the Ad Agency? 

We’d like to think that being honest will always lead to better sustainable partnerships in this ever evolving digital world.  

And We Don’t Stop at Google

At Guardian Owl Digital we manage your digital media placement across all search engines including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Amazon.

We optimize the ads based on your business objectives and what will produce the best return on investment, not what will produce the best vanity metrics on paper.

Waze Certified Ad Agency
Google Certified Agency
2019 Forbes Agency Council Member
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Google Certified Agency Since 2013