SEM PPC Management

At Guardian Owl Digital we manage your digital media ppc placement online and campaign including refreshing your creative, changing bidding strategy, writing new copy, researching keyword data, landing page alterations, and constant review of conversion tracking.

Search & Dynamic Ads

Depending on your objective we recommend text only campaigns and dynamic ad campaigns for all of our clients. These ads typically lead to increased conversion activity.

Geo Targeting

We will target specific zip codes where you generate the most sales activity. With the ability to integrate CRM data, Guardian Owl can blend SEM campaign targeting with proven customer segmented from your databases.

Conversion Tracking

We will put Tag Managers on your website so we can monitor clicks to tailor the campaign quality. Custom A/B Testing of Ad Copy – Successful digital marketers test the ads they are using online. This allows them to determine the most impactful message and improve their click through rate.

Investment Management

Depending on the market, consumers search at different times of day and different times of the month for products and services. Effective digital marketers analyze the trends and spread out their budgets accordingly throughout the month.


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