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Forbes recently reported that a new AI technology named Eyeball is currently changing the world of professional athlete scouting as we know it. 

Eyeball analyzes video of players in action, letting scouts know, from sometimes very remote distances, key characteristics about the players. 

Essential information is also offered by Eyeball. This includes the name of the player and who to contact in order to find out if the player is available for recruitment. 

So, in the future, you are likely to see some athletes on the world stage who will be hand-picked (not quite literally) by AI. Or at least digitally offered to the scouts who do all the hand-picking. 

Another interesting example of artificial intelligence in action, which we have seen countless examples of over the past few months

However, though you may not be a pro sports scout, if you are a business owner you can easily connect the dots to how this technology can be used for customer outreach. 

Find New Customers with AI

It may sound odd to you that artificial intelligence can do something like scouting, or customer outreach. Most people are still pretty blown away by ChatGPT writing poems. 

However, AI has been used in customer outreach efforts for well over a decade now, thanks to the advances that IBM has made in business-oriented artificial intelligence tools. 

You may have heard of IBM Watson, a conversational computing platform (AKA “chatbot”) winning Jeopardy, but the truth is that IBM’s AI has done even more impressive things since that win. For instance, 70% of global banking institutions now employ IBM Watson. 

If you are wondering how such technology can be leveraged by your business, read on. 


Persona Modeling AI Is Your Business’ New Scout

A scout often goes out with a certain set of key characteristics in mind. Great players are all over the world, but a team’s needs require scouts to narrow their focus when scoping out new prospects. 

Similarly, there is an AI platform called “persona modeling” that works very much like a scout. 

Such an AI platform analyzes your existing customer base, identifying key characteristics, or “cognitive insights.” These may include things as simple as favorite colors, or more complex aspects of your customer base such as political beliefs. 

From there, the “persona models” are created. These are fake profiles of people that reflect the real characteristics of the diverse array of people comprising your customer base. 

To keep the scouting metaphor running, these persona models are like the kinds of players that scouts are searching for. A representative running back with certain physical characteristics is the guiding star lighting the fields that a scout searches throughout countless football games. 

Likewise, a persona modeling AI platform will search through the complex fields of the Internet for people exhibiting the same “cognitive insights” that were detailed in the persona models. 

People within the chosen demographics will then be identified. You will then have plenty of people to focus your marketing and customer outreach efforts on. You can even automate that as well, with a chatbot. 

This technology is offered by companies like AI service provider Findability Sciences, which is known for offering industry leaders AI and machine learning (ML) solutions.