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The Associated Press detailed the testimony that Sam Altman, CEO of ChatGPT creator OpenAI, gave in front of CongressSpecifically, Altman called for the creation of an agency that would specifically provide federal regulations on AI.

Such an agency would grant licenses for certain AI products and companies/developers while also reserving the authority to revoke such licenses. 

Whether such a government entity will come into existence has yet to be seen, though surely the wheels are in motion to create such a power. 


Congress Demonstrated the Power of Generative AI at the Hearing

According to Bloomberg news outlet, the meeting began with what sounded like a legitimate speech given by Senator Richard Blumenthal, but was in fact an AI deepfake. 

The recorded speech was made from AI voice cloning technology, and the speech was actually written by ChatGPT! 

Sen. Blumenthal cited it as an example of technology that malicious actors could misuse, such as creating deepfakes of politicians who might voice support for causes they would not actually approve of. Sen. Blumenthal gave the example of someone using AI voice cloning to make it sound as if he (i.e., Sen. Blumenthal) supported Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine. 

What Will The Federal Government Require of AI Companies

It was suggested at the meeting about federal regulations on AI that systems will likely be required in the future to undergo testing for AI functions, and to identify ahead of release any potential risks and harms that the technology may pose. 

This proactive approach helps ensure the implementation of safeguards, preventing the development of potentially harmful AI systems without significant oversight. Active communication of the risks to the public in advance enables safer and more responsible use by others.

Sam Altman firmly asserts that AI’s capacity to replicate itself effortlessly and disseminate across global systems stands as one of the most significant threats it presents.

Imagine an AI that can rapidly spread a computer virus across entire nations of computer systems, and you can start to see where his concern comes from. 

So, Altman recommended that Congress ought to ensure that there are preventative measures in place to ensure that such AI cannot be abused and compromise the security of people around the world. 

Can You Still Use ChatGPT with Incoming Federal Regulations on AI? 

As for now, yes, there are no limits on Americans using ChatGPT. 

However, that may change if a government oversight committee sees any risks in using the chatbot. 

What exactly the government would consider ban-worthy about ChatGPT is unknown, but it could perhaps involve data privacy concerns, as there have been problems with data vulnerabilities in the past. 

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With ChatGPT, artificial intelligence finally had its “iPhone moment”.

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