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LinkedIn Ads Guide Offers a Handy Resource for Marketers

Earlier in 2021, Microsoft (which owns LinkedIn) noted that LinkedIn sessions jumped 30% in the last quarter of last year, accompanied by a 23% increase in quarterly revenue.  As we emerge from the pandemic, that growth is likely to remain robust, making LinkedIn an obvious choice for B2B marketers.

But have you ever wished you could have all the details, specs, options and more for every type of LinkedIn ad, all in one place?  Now you can  The new LinkedIn Ads Guide is a convenient reference resource for marketers as they plan campaigns on the platform.

According to LinkedIn, the new Ads Guide was designed to be “a one-stop resource for LinkedIn ad specs, formatting recommendations, and general information. You’ll find all the pertinent details around four different categories of LinkedIn Ads: Sponsored Content, Sponsored Messaging, Lead Gen Forms, and Text and Dynamic Ads, as well as the various ad formats available within each.”

As LinkedIn notes, the guide covers four separate ad categories:

  • Sponsored Content including Single Image Ads, Video Ads and Carousel Ads
  • Sponsored Messaging including Conversation Ads and Message Ads
  • Lead Gen Forms
  • Text and Dynamic Ads including Text Ads, Spotlight Ads and Follower Ads​


For every ad type under each of the four categories noted above, the LinkedIn Ads Guide offers detailed, specific guidance, including:

  • Design Recommendations such as file type, file size and aspect ratio for desktop and mobile ads
  • Text Recommendations covering suggested character length for ad name (optional), headline, introductory text and description (if using LinkedIn Audience Network – LAN).
  • Technical Requirements encompassing file type and size along with minimum, maximum and recommended pixel dimensions for horizontal, square and vertical ads
  • Call To Action Options including apply, download, view quote, learn more, sign up, subscribe, register, join, attend and request demo
  • URL Requirements specifying required URL prefix and character length.

The LinkedIn website offers best practices for each of the four categories of ads.  Here are some of the highlights.


Sponsored Content

Keep headlines and descriptive copy short and clear.  Embed larger images instead of thumbnails.  Include a call to action.  Target, but not too tightly; use location and two other criteria to start.  Don’t just share news; offer your own analysis and insights, along with human interest stories.  Use rich media like video and audio.  Try LinkedIn tools like Lead Gen Forms, Audience Expansion and the LinkedIn Audience Network.  Run A/B tests for both creative and targeting.


Sponsored Messaging

Know where in the customer journey you want to engage people and what result you want.  As you create content, for brand awareness, use blog posts, webinars, or industry trends and analysis.  To drive leads and conversions, share product demos, tutorials, success stories and event invitations.  If you share PDFs or downloadable content, Lead Gen Forms collect leads directly in LinkedIn and can double conversions.  If you share a YouTube link, the video will automatically unroll in your Message or Conversation Ad.  Speak your audience’s language.  Focus on their pain points with emotion and empathy.  Analyze and optimize.


Lead Gen Forms

Lead Gen Forms can be paired with single image ads, carousel ads, video ads, and message ads.  Create a strong offer.  Hook your audience with a question, then use your form to provide the answer and solution.  Be short and bold.  Clearly communicate value.  Use images and videos.  For the latter, new ideas and explainer videos get the best results.  Keep videos under a minute, and use a memorable soundtrack.  Keep the number of questions to a minimum.  Follow up with leads in a timely manner.  Use the confirmation message to provide clear next steps.

Be specific with the call to action you choose.  Refresh your creative regularly.  Use LinkedIn’s detailed demographic reporting to optimize your campaigns.  Make sure your LinkedIn Page is complete, and post content regularly.  Test, adjust and test again.

Text and Dynamic Ads

If you have multiple audiences, target them with separate campaigns.  Use only a few targeting options (i.e., geography / industry / seniority) at a time. Use multiple ads for each campaign.  Talk to your audience directly.  Set an aggressive maximum bid.  Always include an image.  Turn off low-performing ads.  Tweak constantly; even simple changes to targeting, bids, and creative can increase your performance.  Have a strong, time-sensitive call to action.


You can access the new LinkedIn Ads Guide here: https://business.linkedin.com/marketing-solutions/success/ads-guide


And when you’re ready to create an effective LinkedIn campaign, reach out to the LinkedIn experts at Guardian Owl Digital!