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There is a lot of competition in the Attention Olympics. 

In the Pre-Internet days, businesses only had to compete with each other to capture media viewers’ attention. 

With the Internet putting individuals and businesses on more equal footing, there are suddenly a lot more accounts out there that are drawing viewers’ eyes. 

What this means is that your online marketing strategy needs to consistently stay up to date. 

Part of that involves understanding the artificial intelligence that powers the digital platforms where your content is posted. 


YouTube Shorts Is Your Marketing Department’s New Best Friend


Savvy content creators are working around the clock to devise ways to capture people’s attention. And tech companies continue to devise platforms where you can reach viewers. 

One such platform is YouTube Shorts, which is YouTube’s version of TikTok (cf. Instagram Reels). 

Getting and sustaining those viewers’ attention, however, is another challenge. Understanding the YouTube Shorts algorithm is the key to tackling that challenge. 


Businesses Can’t Ignore the Internet


Some business owners resist marketing on the Internet. 


It used to be that you would pay money for a television spot or billboard. Write a catchy jingle, and you would get a lot of exposure during Monday Night Football. 


Of course, companies can still pay for spots during Monday Night Football. But viewers are likely to be on their phones during those commercials. 


Beyond that, your average United States citizen spends a little over seven hours a day on the Internet


One place you should be targeting super hard is YouTube Shorts. 


But just creating content and throwing it on YouTube Shorts is not enough. This is because the AI algorithms behind YouTube Shorts decide what content is presented or recommended to viewers. 


Once you’ve identified competitors on YouTube Shorts, along with just very popular and trending videos and creators, there are a few things to study. 


Statistics: Pay Attention to the Numbers


What is popular, measured in views, and gets a lot of engagement—likes, dislikes, comments—can give you a good idea of what you should inform your own content. 




The YouTube Shorts algorithm recommends videos with features similar to what is popular. 


You will notice things that are similar in the content itself. Color schemes, particular objects, styles of music, and the like are all features of content that the algorithm will search for in similar videos. 


Videos with similar content are then recommended by the algorithm to the viewers.  




Besides the content itself, look at trending words, hashtags, and the like in popular videos. 


Putting these keywords in your own content ups the chances of your YouTube Shorts standing out to customers. 


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