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Nearly everyone has heard of Google Maps, but you’ve also heard of another navigation app by the name of “Waze”. Along with Google Maps, Waze is another top competitor in the navigation app category. In 2013, it was acquired by Google, and since then the app has taken off. Google Maps and Waze on the surface have very similar features and to many, they do essentially the same thing, but they both actually offer their own unique benefits. Below we describe some of the key differences between Google Maps and Waze. 


Google Maps is great for getting from point A to point B. It has very detailed descriptors of roads and is a go to for those who need to know where they are going. Optimizing your business for Google Maps will help potential customers easily find your business, and as a result, is a very useful and beneficial tool that when properly used can rake in great results.

Waze, on the other hand, is great for customers who aren’t so sure where exactly they are headed. Waze can offer recommendations to users while they are driving making your business more noticeable. Waze offers a “billboard” feature so through Waze, your business can advertise itself to on-the-go customers. Waze is very much centered around the commuting experience as opposed to simply being a way to place your business on the map. You want your business to be visible on a map, but you also want customers to be able to find it when they are nearby. 

From an SEO standpoint, Waze also has some perks. Waze consistently receives positive reviews for its outstanding voice search capability. Voice search is becoming increasing popular, especially within vehicles, making this a very notable advantage of the app. You can learn more about voice search and other current SEO trends in this recent post on our blog


Waze mainly stands out by being very “real time”. Waze offers very detailed and frequently updated traffic conditions which is made possible by the growing community of active Waze users who have the ability to update other users about real time traffic conditions and emergencies. Of the 130 million monthly users of the app, 30,000 of them frequently provide updates to other users of the app. As a result, Waze fans have established their own mobile community, and when your business is optimized for Waze, you’ll be noticed by the increasingly large number of people who use this app to commute. 


Waze perfectly blends navigation with social media. With Waze, users can set up their own profiles, easily communicate with other drivers, and even use the app to give updates and ETA’s to others. Waze is also partnered with Spotify. Those who like to listen to music and podcasts while driving (which is most people), can easily access this navigation app while using Spotify, making for a safe, enjoyable commute where they easily find their destination. 


Overall Waze is a very interactive and driver oriented app compared to Google Maps. With proper Waze optimization, your business can easily stand out and be recommended to drivers nearby. Both apps are highly useful and important for any business who wants to be accessible by commuters, Waze and Google Maps each offer an entirely different set of benefits and features that will help grow your business and attract more customers.

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