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Many jobs involve repetitive tasks that can lead to a weariness and fatigue in the worker, which in turn leads to sloppier, more error-prone performance. 

As mentioned, sometimes the task is repetitive, like filing insurance claims, but other times the tasks are insurmountable for a worker, like accounting for every customers’ buying preferences. Others, like predicting prices for materials essential to a business, are doable, only very difficult to do well. 

We are going to run down a number of professional services that AI can help assist in, or even wholly perform, within your company. 

Finding When and Where to Place Your Ad

People go onto the Internet, either on their computer or smartphone (itself a personal computer), for the sake of seeing what they want to see, be it their Instagram feed or YouTube videos. What they do not seek out, and merely tolerate, are ads. 

Even 30 years ago, advertisers more or less had a monopoly on many people’s attention, because most people sought out their entertainment and information on televisions and print sources where ads could not be skipped over. 

True, people could change the channel or turn the page, but the impression was still made. Nowadays, an internet user can scroll past an ad with less than a second of an impression made, where the best hope for an advertiser is that the user will have a faint afterimage of their logo in their brain, like the weird colors you see when the sun gets in your eyes. 

You likely already understand that mobile ads are a gamble, but a necessary one, because TV and print ads, though they still exists, are often escaped from by users who pull up their phones, which is where the mobile ads lurk. 

With this in mind, it can be difficult to figure out how to best optimize your online advertising. This is where AI comes in. 

Automated prediction platforms, like Findability Sciences’ Predict+, can help you minimize your spending and maximize your ad’s efficiency. 

Mobile ad space costs money, and there is not always a fixed price. Often, sellers of the ad space will take bids for the space, seeing how high competing buyers will go before a winner emerges. 

A prediction platform can analyze data relating to online advertising in general, along with more particular data relating to the buyer, other potential sellers, and the ad space itself where you wish to buy. It will offer a well-informed price bid, one that can hit that mysterious Goldilocks zone where you offer a price that satisfies the seller while scaring off other buyers, who were likely to exceed that price had you started a bidding war at a lower, safer price. 

Content Recommendation 

If data is gold, customers’ attention is platinum. The former is used to gain the latter, yet without the latter, the former goes to waste. The question on many businesses’ mind in this media-saturated, attention-deficit age is how to get customers interested not just in their products, buy in paying attention. 

When you go on Netflix, YouTube, or TikTok, it is AI prediction platforms that are responsible for the suggested content. Similarly, online retailers use such platforms to offer customers similar products, keeping the click-through rates high. Companies can see as much as a 50% boost in customer clicks through prediction platforms, which suggests that customer attention is not as elusive as some may think, only more difficult to capture. 

Customer Outreach

Getting a customer’s attention is difficult, but the other side of the coin is addressing their worries. Many customers have questions, complaints, suggestions, and the like to offer companies, and do not hesitate to reach out online, sometimes on a company’s website, and other times on social media. 

A conversational computing platform, sometimes called “chatbots,” can make company-costumer interaction much more streamlined and efficient. 

Findability Sciences offered their conversational computing platform to a fast-growing immigration consulting company that needed to upscale their customer outreach efforts. 

With an AI chatbot, that company was able to handle over 15,000 conversations across their website, social media, and WhatsApp. Over 2 million of their customers are able to access these services 24/7 on their platform of choice. 


Whether you want to find the best price to bid for ad space or upgrade your customer outreach efforts, digital transformation with AI is the route to go. Reach out to Findability Sciences on their website to learn more.