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Google attracted a lot of media attention by declaring it is going “code red” on developing AI after seeing ChatGPT’s public debut. 

That was last November, and their AI developers have been hard at work, apparently, because they already have a competing chatbot designed and named. 

The name of that AI chatbot is Bard. 

The Background on Bard

Google had already been working on a conversational computing platform, under the project name “Atlas.” So, Bard, like ChatGPT, is the result of long ongoing research and development. 

In all likelihood, top management just shifted things into warp speed to capitalize on a moment when the public is dazzled by ChatGPT. 

At the moment, Bard is considered a “top priority” by Google management. 

What Will Bard Be Able to Do? 

Right now, the lid is somewhat tight on what Bard will specifically be able to accomplish. 

However, you can trust that the name “Bard”, which references William Shakespeare, hints that the goal of this AI chatbot will be one that produces highly creative and original content. 

It is highly likely that the goal is to make an even stronger competitor to ChatGPT, so Bard will likely be a general-purpose chatbot that can write poems, blogs, have philosophical conversations, etc. 


Is Bard Any Good? Getting It in the Ring with ChatGPT. 


Imagine a boxing ring. Google is Bard’s trainer, and Microsoft is ChatGPT’s trainer. 

The goal from here on is to see which one becomes the champion of conversational computing. You can be sure that it will be one of these two unless another giant like Apple, Amazon, or Meta ends up creating a stunningly great conversational computing AI platform. 

Bard has some time before it will be publicly debuted. Right now, Google’s plan is to allow a set of “trusted testers” to play around with Bard, and get it public-ready. 

Google is still moving fast, however, as Bard is expected to be available to everyone by the end of this year (2023). 


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