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Artificial intelligence continues to play a big role in the state of Kentucky, and vice versa. 

The Bluegrass State has been seeing some high-tech developments that are sure to make it associated with artificial intelligence alongside its thoroughbred racehorses and finely crafted bourbon. 

Recently following the announcement that Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green will be using its WKU Innovation Campus for the headquarters of internationally known A.I. company beingAI, it was announced that the University of Kentucky has established an A.I. research committee. 

That committee goes by the name of UK ADVANCE (Advancing Data utilization for Value in Academia for National and Campuswide Excellence). 


What Will UK ADVANCE Set Out to Accomplish? 

UK ADVANCE is a research committee with members that come from a variety of disciplines, from healthcare to law to philosophy to IT to communications to computer science, and more. It is led by Provost Robert DiPaola. 

The goals right now are to make recommendations to the Lexington-based University of Kentucky about how to most effectively use A.I. systems. 

One way it will do this is by studying the impact of A.I. on a diverse array of settings, from classrooms to hospital wards. Identifying the challenges for the purpose of finding solutions will be the goal, so that they can outline plans for using A.I. that will detail what works when using A.I. and what does not. 

This research is sure to generate a diversity of findings that will benefit just about any business or organization that seeks to leverage A.I. to improve its organizations. We cover how this can be below. 


How Could UK ADVANCE Help Business Owners? 

Though UK ADVANCE is naturally prioritizing the interests of improving the university through its A.I. research, the committees’ findings will doubtless prove valuable to business owners looking to leverage A.I. platforms in the most effective ways possible. 

As the research group plans to study diverse settings where A.I. is implemented, they will likely generate research findings that directly relate to your business industry.

And, of course, the committee’s findings will ultimately be relevant to business owners, for it is true that academic institutions function in very similarly to businesses—services are provided for a price in the university, just as it is in your business. 

From branding to attracting potential paying customers to keeping churn rates low, the interests of your average university are really quite similar to the interests of the average business owner. For this reason, involving your business with UK ADVANCE can yield beneficial results.


Why Should You Engage with UK ADVANCE?

So, your business can certainly benefit from UK ADVANCE’s efforts. 

In fact, you can actively engage with UK ADVANCE’s A.I. efforts by reaching out to them at UKADVANCE@uky.edu.

The committee says it welcomes ideas, questions, and recommendations. 

Surely, this collaboration will be conducive to finding better A.I. solutions for business owners, and this can be doubly helpful if it is your business that is directly collaborating with this university committee. 

If you think your business can benefit from being in contact with UK ADVANCE, then do not hesitate to reach out to the committee at UKADVANCE@uky.edu. 


Other Artificial Intelligence Initiatives at the University of Kentucky

The University of Kentucky is also pushing to be a forerunner in the education of artificial intelligence, with its very own computer science department featuring a cadre of A.I. researchers.

Assistant Professor Brent Harrison has also made important strides in creating “explainable” A.I. systems. These systems can explain in ordinary human language why a certain decision was made over the available alternative(s). In short, this kind of A.I. generates understandable rationales based on observed behavior. 

You can see how such A.I. can be of huge assistance to all kinds of businesses looking to understand the rationales behind consumer and client behavior, so as to find out how to best market to and maintain and grow a customer base. 


Artificial Intelligence Solutions in Kentucky and Beyond

Kentucky is rapidly emerging as a major hub for A.I. due to the significant research conducted here and the growth of the local A.I. sector.

If you are a Kentucky-based business, then you can get access to a host of top-shelf A.I. services when you partner with fellow Kentucky business Guardian Owl Digital. From price prediction to projecting the next quarter’s customer churn rates, we offer our clients A.I. solutions for a variety of business challenges and needs. 

Want to implement A.I. that will make your business grow, whether it is based in or outside of Kentucky? Reach out to Guardian Owl Digital today so that you can GO AI.


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