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Creative Touch Up is Creative Certainty!

Powered by Findability Sciences Touch Up works to improve your company’s marketing strategy before you put dollars behind planned advertising images.

This Findability Sciences technology has predicted over a million images and acts more like a creative insurance policy.

By drawing on the characteristics and behaviors discovered about your customers through the persona modeling process, Touch Up will identify what will (and will not) be effective in any planned or draft advertising efforts.  

The primary focus with Touch Up is measuring potential customer response, which can predict how a customer will ultimately interact with and potentially respond to your ad in precise terms.

For example, Touch Up can predict where a customer’s eyes will land first, then second, and so on. If results reveal your logo, brand name, or product name showing up too far down the list in capturing the consumer’s attention, it may be time to refine the ad based on those or other requirements. 

Additionally, Touch Up can provide information regarding specific demographics most likely to respond to your ad. In the case of a hotel like Canopy promoting an event, it may be a concern to learn that your ad is more likely to draw the attention of a partner and not the restaurant.

Fortunately, Touch Up’s findings can help you at the drawing board, so you won’t be locked in a trial-and-error cycle of the redesign.

You’ll uncover which colors in your ad are likely to produce specific emotions, and how consumers will likely perceive the overall tone of the ad. You’ll understand with a clear direction how your company logo should be placed in a print ad for maximum effectiveness, so there’s no guesswork. 

Not only does Touch Up provide a kind of “creative insurance” helping you connect with your customer base, but it also helps you realize a vision for your company’s brand. Touch Up can take your creative right where it needs to be in evoking certain emotions and moods in customers exposed to your branding. 

If you want your ads to convey a sense of sophistication, Touch Up will guide you in meeting that goal, down to the percentage.


When you have a call-to-action or emotion in mind, engaging Touch Up may lead to somewhat simple creative changes such as using a sharper font, muting certain colors, or making text size appear smaller. These are only a few data-assisted creative suggestions that may lead your company straight toward realizing its vision through effective advertising and marketing tactics.

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