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Kentucky, and the southeast in general, is quickly becoming an alternative to Silicon Valley. Lower living costs, affordable office space, and abundant regional talent drive this phenomenon; plus, it was recently announced that beingAI, a startup company that was a finalist at the South by Southwest Pitch competition in 2022, is establishing their U.S. headquarters in South Central Kentucky in the town of Bowling Green. 

This involves an investment of $3 million and the creation of 28 jobs over the next three years. BeingAI will be using the WKU Innovation Campus as their U.S. headquarters. 

What Is beingAI?

This company prioritizes crafting “transmedia experiences” bridging humans and A.I.

What beingAI specializes in is the creation of A.I. beings or characters that can interact with people. 

The scope of this project is far more ambitious than a traditional chatbot like ChatGPT. With beingAI, these high-level chatbots are more like animated characters that can have conversations with humans in real time. 

This adds a sense of lifelikeness to the company’s offerings. It can be attractive for people who would want a more immersive conversational A.I. experience.

And, of course, the reason we are featuring this company in the first place is because its offerings could have plenty of uses for business owners worldwide. 

What Could beingAI Do for Your Business? 

As beingAI continues to upscale, it is possible that they will be offering businesses specialized A.I. characters that can interact with your customer base. Think of them as like mascots, or, if your business is not the mascot type, full-time virtual customer service representatives that can have in-depth conversations with customers about your products and services. 

These A.I. mascots/representatives will be accessible to customers from anywhere and at any time. 

In fact, beingAI already offers brands a for-hire A.I. ambassador in the form of Sophia, who is perhaps best known for making a speech at the United Nations a few years ago. 

In fact, people from over 50 countries have encountered this A.I. character, engaging with celebrities and spiritual gurus.

That speaks to the range of conversations that these A.I. characters are able to have with people. Being able to appeal to specific audiences, while still being broad enough to fluently jump from one of those segments to the next, is one of the most coveted skills in marketing. With a beingAI character on your company’s roster, you can get just that. 

Basically, what your business could get from BeingAI would be a 24/7 interactive customer service representative. This could also double as an avatar in your marketing efforts. The depth of the conversations that the characters in beingAI can achieve, as well as the visual component of actually seeing an A.I. face, can make this an attractive option for a business looking for a chatbot. And the aforementioned ability to specialize to different population segments, and even languages, makes beingAI one of the most noteworthy Kentucky-based A.I. companies out there. 

Kentucky’s Role in Artificial Intelligence

Kentucky has been seeing quite a bit of growth in the technology sector over the past decade, something that Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear has acknowledged.

This tech sector will only be growing thanks to Microsoft’s decision to invest in artificial intelligence initiatives based in Louisville, Kentucky.

There are also the great courses and specialized degrees in artificial intelligence that are offered by the University of Louisville, such as the certificate in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine.

While this state may be associated in the national consciousness with bourbon and racehorses, it is clear that this state is soon to become one of the hottest destinations for A.I. startups, whether it is in Louisville, Bowling Green, Lexington, or beyond. 

A.I. Solutions for Business Owners In and Out of Kentucky

In Louisville, Guardian Owl Digital is at the forefront of offering business owners A.I. solutions across any industry. Thanks to a partnership with Findability Sciences, we are able to connect our clients with a wide range of A.I. services. Here are some examples: 

We can help manufacturers leverage prediction platforms to identify the best maintenance schedule for equipment. 

Price prediction tools can help you optimize the pricing of your products and services. They can also help you optimize the prices of raw materials that your business needs to order. 

Tools like TouchUp that can analyze your marketing material and offer advice about how to improve, based on audience segment. 

We are also an IBM Partner. This means that we get to offer our clients the great services of IBM Watson, which is about to become even better thanks to the upcoming Watsonx suite of artificial intelligence and machine learning services. 

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