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Internal Linking for SEO

Let’s talk about internal links for SEO.  Content is king only if you have a lot of visitors coming to your website reading the content and Google sees you as authoritative in the subject, thus ranking you higher in the SERP’s.

One way to increase your ranking for particular search terms are through internal linking.  Internal links are links that pass from one landing page on your website to another landing page on your website.  

Let’s take for example if you’re a dentist attempting to rank for the search term “dental implants”.  You’re going to want to internally link from a content post centered around “dental implants” to other pieces of content on your site focused on the topic “dental implants”.  This allows Google and users to see you as a higher authority site on the subject of dental implants.

A rule of thumb is to have a minimum of 5 pieces of supporting content on each search term relevant to a product or service you want to rank for. 

There are numerous link building techniques that you or an SEO Agency can use to help your landing pages rank higher in search results.  Make sure you are educated on the process of link building in order to fully take advantage of the work being completed and set expectations.