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Guardian Owl Digital was created to help provide integrity and transparency in the chaos of the internet world and certainly, in times of an uncertain future. We have compiled 7 ways businesses can utilize seo and digital marketing to now to help you through the Coronavirus and beyond.

#1 Voice Search will impact search queries

Google Search Console is a free tool Google allows you to use in order to view what visitors are searching prior to engaging with your website. This tool is easily integrated with any site and can track the total number of impressions your landing pages are receiving, uncover opportunities to resolve or take advantage of, and see real time what your website’s median position is online.

This is where a real seo team will start uncovering what content is currently attracting visitors and if this is a strategy you can build off of. If not, let’s say it’s attracting poor quality visitors, this is an opportunity to restructure the verbiage on your landing pages.

Questions to consider when looking at Search Console.

What are the top search queries attracting visitors?

What are the top 10 Pages appearing in Results?

Would altering the meta data help engage more traffic?

Which images and video content is driving traffic? Has this changed?

#2 Data and analytics should become your priority if you want to remain ahead in rankings

In the past, it was hard to track which marketing efforts produced results. Now, even with radio, you can track real-time changes.

To create an SEO and digital marketing strategy that continues to grow, you have to analyze visitor behavior. What’s the online marketing funnel look like for YOUR business?

The behavior to analyze in Google Analytics;

What goals do we have in place that are being measured?

What are the top 5 traffic mediums?

What are the top 5 landing pages? Are they converting more visitors month over month?

What is the average page speed of my top 5 landing pages?

#3 Content that fulfills Google EAT principle will rank higher

Content is queen only if visitors are reading it.  Consider the following questions when generating your web content in 2021.

What’s already working Can we build off this?

What’s the focused search term for this content?

Is the content internally and externally linked?

Is it the appropriate length for indexing?

Are you sharing your content for engagement?

#4 Featured Snippets will become more prominent

Be the authority and resource for Frequently Asked Questions! 

Google LOVES when a website answers who, what, when, and why questions relative to their business. Not only does it show the website as a credible resource, it allows more opportunities to improve SEO quickly!

Google likes to feature websites at the top of results (Featured Snippets) which helps you improve your ranking as a whole if you’re adding great value.

#5 Predictive Search is set to improve

Google Discover was launched in 2017, unleashing a new kind of search — one that doesn’t even require a user query. Discover is another one of Google’s AI-driven tools. The content recommendation tool identifies user behavioral patterns over time and gradually learns these habits.

With this information, Discover can identify the most accurate content most likely to interest the user. Google Discover already claims more than 800 million active users. To appear, you don’t have to do anything special. If Google indexes your page, it will be included. Content is ranked based on algorithms inspecting content quality, and user interest. Although Google has communicated no precise factors, it seems that location history, browsing history, app usage, calendars, search history, and home and work locations are all relevant.

#6 Artificial Intelligence will play a larger role in SEO

As we look at digital marketing in quarantine and beyond, automation of sales and marketing processes needs to be a real conversation.

Are you speaking to your prospective customer the same as a loyal client? Ecommerce and “selling online” is all about nurturing that relationship with every interaction.

How are you building automation & AI into your business? 

#7 An effective SEO strategy will need to include video

How can you optimize that video content, though? Make sure to optimize your video channel name and description. The description shouldn’t just be crammed with keywords but provide a user-friendly overview of what your channel is about. Beyond this, keywords are crucial.

For example, if you’re optimizing for YouTube, you can get inspired by the platform’s auto-complete feature. Start typing in your video’s topic and see what pops up in the search field, which is essentially a list of suggested keywords, telling you precisely what people on YouTube are searching for. 

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