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ChatGPT’s public debut was at once a challenge to and a learning experience for any business, from startups to global enterprises, in the tech world developing AI tools. 

What is there to learn is how ChatGPT fails, specifically when it creates content that offends the public. This is of high concern because no prudent business owner would want to employ a chatbot that will say anything, so long as it is grammatically correct. 

Preventing Socially, Politically, and Culturally Offensive Language

Many critics of conversational computing platforms like ChatGPT cite AI’s lack of common sense. Specifically, AI does not understand just exactly why some things are offensive to say, and why others are okay. All it can know, really, is hard data about certain words, phrases, and sentences. 

Developers can block some obvious words, but machine learning platforms pick up words and phrases all the time. 


Cut Down on Legal Risks 

From a legal perspective, AI’s lack of common sense puts it at risk for spouting copyrighted material, which could result in costly lawsuits for AI developers. 


Privacy Concerns


AI chatbots, depending on the context, will see a lot of information that may be confidential. 

Google is looking to ensure that any private information that people share with AI is not in turn used by the AI in other conversations. 

This is important because conversational computing platforms are already being used by banking institutions, the medical industry, and other such organizations and industries where sensitive information is shared with conversational computing platforms. 

This may be the most challenging of the three, for the issue here is teaching AI to recognize from the sentence’s context when something is private. For an instant, the same word used in a user’s password may be perfectly okay to use in other contexts. 


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