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LinkedIn Marketing & Your Business in 2020

For a very long time, we were very skeptical about LinkedIn and certainly LinkedIn as it applied to businesses.

Truth be told, much of our skepticism came from lack of knowledge and an understanding of growth opportunities.

Upon further research and discovery, we learned that having a company LinkedIn page goes beyond just another place to share updates. 

Your Business Will Be Googled. 

Let’s face it, no matter how optimized your company’s website is, there is a very good chance that in many instances when a prospective customer Googles that name of your company, your social media profiles will also appear in search results. 

Going further, a first pass at the website might not be enough to satisfy the curiosity of your potential customers. Most, will want to better understand how connected you are.

Using LinkedIn correctly, will humanize your company in addition to the services and products that are offered. 

The Tone of LinkedIn Is Different.

The tone shifts from a more casual tone on Facebook or Twitter to one of more professionalism. Mostly, because those posting and sharing on LinkedIn are sharing from a lense of representing their company. 

Many people who utilize LinkedIn to their advantage, use the platform to make new connections or seek out partnerships that might not have come from using other social media platforms.

You Can Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page The Same Way You Do Your Website. 

LinkedIn Pages, just like web pages are crawled search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo just to name a few. Neglecting to use keywords that you and your SEO company have worked together to determine are the most relevant to your business is a missed opportunity.

Being very clear about who you are as a company and the services that you provide helps potential customers identify your business as a partner, quickly. 

Also, LinkedIn gives every profile, both business and personal, a space for a tagline. This is a great way to use a short elevator speech in this space. Being able to define what it is that your company does, quickly and concisely is invaluable. In other words, no matter how complex the product or service that your business provides, being able to clearly convey what it is that is offered is incredibly important. 

This is important not only for your potential clients but also your sales people, but that topic is another article for another day. 

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words. 

There are many opportunities throughout your LinkedIn page, to share visually what it is that you offer.

If you are lacking a database of photos to choose from, then chances are your website also needs updated images. 

You can kill two birds with one stone by investing money in professional photos of your product, your headquarters and your staff. These photos can be used across your website, and other social media platforms. 

The less stock image heavy a website, or social media profile (LinkedIn or otherwise) looks the better. 

Use LinkedIn As A Traffic Source For Your Website. 

Committing to create relevant and timely content for your LinkedIn profile helps not only to keep your business page fresh, but also provides multiple opportunities to link to your website. This will drive traffic to your website. The best part is, chances are, if you are driving people to your site, from a LinkedIn article, they are already invested and very interested in what your company has to offer. 

Using Hashtags On LinkedIn

Stay with us on this topic! Utilizing hashtags doesn’t have to mean only speaking in hashtags or creating outlandish phrases by using them. 

In fact, we urge you to consider hashtags as a way to quickly find relevant content on a particular topic. What’s more, if you create a simple hashtag with your company name, users will be able to quickly search for content created by your business by using that hashtag. 

Consistency Is Key.

Just like a lot of things, being consistent in what you are working on is perhaps far more important than how flawlessly the work itself is executed. 

We can’t tell you how many times we have visited a social media profile to see that it hasn’t been updated in six months or more. When that happens, we immediately back out, having decided that they are no longer in business. If we have the time we will go down the rabbit hole of visiting their website to see if there is additional information there. You don’t want to lose potential customers just because your chosen social media platform hasn’t been updated. 

Ready to Make The Leap Into LinkedIn? 

At Guardian Owl we would be thrilled to help you and your business launch and maintain a business page on LinkedIn. As a busy business professional we understand that the idea of creating an entirely new platform to maintain, can be a very daunting thought. 

We are here to help! Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer and how we can take the LinkedIn piece of the puzzle off of your to do list!