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The Guardian Owl AI and Findability Sciences alliance is a data-driven, Artificial Intelligence solution that helps organizations by developing sharp marketing strategies for sharper communication. Our big data, cognitive and AI platform makes use of readily available data from your internal database and other consumer interaction sources to create actionable customer insights. The solution provides a 360-degree view of the customers & identifies prospective leads by creating personas of our customers and incorporating data analytics & AI predictions to suggest the most relevant communication technique. Powered by advanced AI and cognitive analytics, CMOs and Brand Managers can now deliver more effective brand communications that are based on sharper, more focussed marketing strategies.

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World Changing Ideas Awards 2021: AI and Data Finalists and Honorable Mentions

Notable Customers and Partners

Thanks to Efforts by the Gates Foundation, 2023 AI Is Going to Go More Global Than It Already Is.

It is true that much of the AI progress that has been spearheaded by companies like OpenAI, DeepMind, Google, IBM, Meta, and the like has slowly but surely entered the lives of people all across the globe.  Perhaps the most well-known example of this is that...

AI Detection Software Is a Booming Industry. Will This Have an Impact on AI-Generated Content Used by Your Business in 2023?

When ChatGPT became a surprise sensation in November of 2022, almost immediately people began to wonder just how this will change the landscape of text-based media. At least, text that you may encounter on the Internet, such as blogs and news stories.  Google had...

Meta Is Releasing Build-Your-Own-Chatbot Software to a Select Number of Individuals. Can Your Business Access This Open-Source AI?

Meta is planning on making its ChatGPT competitor product, LLaMA (Large Language Model Meta A.I.) available to the public, according to the New York Times. At least, semi-public; you need to be approved by Meta to access the code for LLaMA.  How Does Meta Benefit from...

OpenAI Has Launched A Free ChatGPT App: Here Is What to Know For Business Owners

It was only a matter of time before ChatGPT went from our browsers to the app store. According to Bloomberg news, ChatGPT is now available on iPhones in the United States.  For plenty of ChatGPT users, this means that you now have much more capabilities when it comes...

IBM’s AI Prediction Platforms Are Going to Make Flying in 2023 a Much Smoother Experience

After last holiday season’s airline fiasco, when Southwest Airlines left thousands of flyers stranded in airports, many people were wondering just how such things can happen in the age of AI. In fact, one of the biggest critiques of Southwest Airlines was that they...
Findability.ai for business

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Enterprise AI Solutions

Guardian Owl serves clients through the award winning propriety Findability Sciences platform.  

Findability.ai enables customers to accelerate their Data-to-ai jouney through building their own IP and data science capibilities to drive a 90% forecast Accuracy, a 30% resource savings average, and a. 20-100% in increase in click rates. 

  • 90% Accuracy 90% 90%
  • 20% -100% in CTR 100% 100%
  • 30% Savings in Resources 30% 30%

Persona Modeling

Customize HR operations to improve employee satisfaction and productivity by better understanding the personality characteristics, needs, and values of personnel.

Creative Insurance

Our Touch Up AI tool uses customers’ personality characteristics to determine which creative and interaction medium to use, what web page to display, and what video to share for quantifiable profits prior to creative deployment.

Chatbots/Conversational Computing Platform

Ever feel like cloning yourself? Deploy a lead generation chatbot and lead follow-up chatbot for customer acquisition and after-sales follow up.

Data Analytics Platform

Make use of donor and recruiting data to generate and select multiple models from a data pattern, making use of vast volumes of unstructured data.



AI Predictions Platform

Predict raw materials and commodities pricing to sustained accuracy levels of over 99%! Project the movement of raw materials and work-in-process inventory from point of origin to consumption.

GO AI Academy Platform

GO AI Academy aims at establishing an industry standard for bench-marking Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science skills, this program comprises an online assessment of theoretical concepts, working knowledge of the latest tools and algorithms, and business problem-solving abilities. 


The AI Adoption Challenge


Our client, a leading operator of multi-purpose retail chain issues shopping credit card to the members of its loyalty program, resulting in an average monthly overdue debt amounting to nearly USD 50 million. The client wanted to adopt an AI-driven, propensity-based debtor contact strategy that would increase collections without additional manpower costs.


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The AI Solution


Self-learning, multi-modeling, predictive AI technology of Findability Platform was used to assign “Propensity to Pay” for each record in the debt portfolio. The follow-up strategy for collections was developed basis two factors: Propensity-to-pay and ‘age’ of the debt. The debt portfolio was divided into six categories, based on how long overdue the debt was, and propensity modeling was undertaken separately for each category.



multi-model sets for higher accuracy

worth of debt processed monthly


increase in debt collection