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After ChatGPT’s free-for-all public debut, a premium has been placed on its services. 

That costs $20 per month

Now, the public ChatGPT version is still free.

However, its massive popularity has revealed it is easy to overload ChatGPT’s servers, so some users get to use it while others do not. 

OpenAI, ChatGPT’s developer, is offering users prioritized access to ChatGPT for the cost of $20 per month. 


This paid version will also feature plenty of updates and features from the free version, which is more like a guinea-pig version for Microsoft and OpenAI to figure out what about ChatGPT needs fixing. 


What to Know If You Are Thinking of Paying for ChatGPT


The people who were looking to have some fun with ChatGPT will likely be scoffing at that price tag, but plenty of users will see a bargain. 


If you are looking to make the investment, you may already have some written-content needs. 


For instance, ChatGPT can be good for creating longer-form communications and information offerings. 


If you run a business or are part of a team that needs information on a consistent basis, ChatGPT can be a great tool for getting clear summaries and explanations of any and every topic. 


An example of this would be sending out a memo to your team. If the memo needs to cover certain concepts in your industry, ChatGPT can easily—and quickly—write up an explainer for what you want to teach your team. 


ChatGPT Works with You, Not for You


Of course, you ought to proofread what ChatGPT writes, but that is after the heavy work is done. 


A quick fact-check and proofread can be great for giving your team or customers information on a quick and consistent basis, saving you the time. 


Treat ChatGPT like an assistant, rather than an independent worker, and you will get much from your investment. 


How Should Your Business Use ChatGPT?


As mentioned above, having a human proofreader monitor ChatGPT’s output will be an essential strategy. 


But, of course, you also need to figure out a greater strategy for ChatGPT as well. Writing memos and meeting notes is just one application that ChatGPT can have within your business. 


Another is creative output. For instance, if you need copy for your website or social media posts, then ChatGPT can easily write up a first-draft version of your marketing content. 


From there, you can edit to your liking, tinkering with the language and tone until you get it just right. 


Treat ChatGPT as like a writer that easily provides you with a foundation for you to build off of. 


If You Want a Customer Service Chatbot, Stick with IBM Watson


Many businesses are wondering if ChatGPT can be a good conversational computing platform for customer service. 


Here is where we would hold off on using ChatGPT, mostly because it is very new and not exactly specialized for any particular industry use. 


Luckily, you can still employ IBM Watson, which has been serving a wide range of industries for the purpose of automated customer and client interaction. 


Whether you are in finance or manufacturing or healthcare, IBM Watson can likely help you. 


It has been employed for years and years in so many industries that it now has an incredibly sophisticated understanding of the kinds of interactions and information that are relevant to particular situations in certain businesses. 


GO AI to Grow Your Business


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