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Keyword Research for SEO in 2020

As business owners navigate the search engine world, the term “keyword research” is important to know for SEO purposes. If you are new to the SEO world, essentially keyword research is the process of discovering key terms and phrases related to your business that users type into search engines.

When initiating your keyword research, business owners need to think about the most important products or services their business wants to highlight. Examples such as “What are your business goals?” and “Who are the customers or audience?” you’re targeting need to be considered.  Putting together a questionnaire such as these questions can help in the discovery process of keyword research. 

With the research list, you need to understand why the search intent is so important. “It’s not as much about the actual keywords being searched as it is about the search volume behind the search query.” As people search online there are factors such as:

Informational query – looking for information

Navigational query – looking for a destination

Transactional query – looking for somewhere to buy

Local query – looking for something in their local area.

With these factors in mind, by testing potential keywords and phrases on the search results page you can figure out what Google has decided the intent of that phrase is and what it populates.

This is where you can start building your keyword research word list from the discovery questions. The list should have what’s important to the business and what’s important to the customers. By separating the concepts, you are able to build your keyword research list. However, business owners rely on experts on how to get started on the keyword research and what to do for SEO when they are having trouble with top ranked page results.  

This is where Guardian Owl Digital comes in. We start with a 6-month process to help clients with their SEO:

  • In the first month of seo includes thorough research and discovering what needs to be changed and also what to collect data on which searches are producing traffic in the geography the client wants to attract business.
  •  In the second month, this is where the technical SEO work is implemented by making modifications to the website based on site audit results. 
  • In the third month, this is where the focus is on content and landing page internal and external linking. Examples such as blogging, FAQs, whitepapers, etc. 

Want to learn more? Visit https://www.guardianowldigital.com/services/seo/seo-monthly-management/ to read about the full seo proccess.