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Businesses everywhere rely on Asana to make workplace collaborations easier. 

If you currently use Asana, then your team will have a new member: An AI tool. 

Specifically, a predictive AI tool that will give you a better picture of how your company operates. 

Classifying Asana’s New AI Tool

The first thing to understand is that Asana plans on offering a predictive AI tool, rather than a generative AI tool.

What is the difference? 

Well, the former simply analyzes data and offers you a prediction. Its output tends to resemble statistical data. 

The latter, on the other hand, is of the ChatGPT variety, which can produce text, images, or video easily. 

This is important to understand because Asana’s AI will not be the kind that will do your Asana tasks, such as writing up a company report, for you.

Instead, it will be offering you key insights into the operations of your team. 

What Asana’s New Predictive AI Platform Does

Asana is wanting to give business owners something that is termed “resource intelligence”. 

What this refers to is giving business owners a clear look at what resources they have available for accomplishing certain tasks at any given time. 

A key example that they outline is that every employee, across every skill set, has a different workload at any point in time. 

So, resource intelligence AI will give managers an immediate look at who is available for a certain task, whose workload is full, and who may need assistance in relieving an overloaded schedule

The positives for business owners are numerous. 

How Business Owners Will Benefit from Asana’s AI Assistant

Resource intelligence AI offered by Asana will save you a lot of time in figuring out who is up for a certain task at a specific moment. You will be able to more effectively delegate work, as well as strategize. Since Asana tasks are typically dated, with details about deadlines and the nature of the work, you can get a clearer picture for strategizing. 

For example, an employee may not be available just this week to write a company report that is due by the end of the quarter, but Asana’s AI platform can quickly identify what free time the worker may have available over the coming weeks, so that you can fill in the schedule with the report-writing task. 

When Will Asana Be Adding AI to Its Platform?

So far, Asana has only announced that it plans to add AI to the app. 

However, given the pace of AI innovations in the tech world, you can expect to see this in the near future. 

For instance, Asana has also hinted at AI that, in addition to resource intelligence, will also help with execution intelligence. 

Execution intelligence AI will help business owners create a work flow, in contrast to resource intelligence, which analyzes an existing work flow. 

The key takeaway here is that Asana’s plan to add resource intelligence AI and execution intelligence AI will make workplace management even more efficient, ensuring that every employee is satisfied. 

Want to Use AI for Your Business? Let’s GO. 

With ChatGPT, artificial intelligence finally had its “iPhone moment”.

Like smartphones, which were once a niche technology, AI is slowly becoming universally recognized as one of the most important and life-changing technologies of our era. 

There are many business owners out there wondering how they can take advantage of AI. What they may not know is that plenty of businesses, including their competitors, are already using AI. 

Right now, the technology is available to business owners. They just need to know where to look. 

Guardian Owl Digital has a proven track record of working with businesses through its AI and machine learning initiative, GO AI. 

GO AI, through a partnership with Findability Sciences, offers clients the services of AI platforms like IBM Watson that offer you automated marketing solutions. 

This includes TouchUp, which will tell you how your customers will receive your creative marketing materials. 

Predict+ offers up to 99% accurate predictions for important data such as customer churn rates or the prices of materials you order for your operations. 

Persona modeling offers you key cognitive insights into your customer base, enabling you to improve your marketing and customer outreach efforts based on what your customers care about. 

And that is just a few of the AI and machine learning solutions that we offer. 

From finance to manufacturing to healthcare and beyond, any and every industry, and businesses of all sizes, can benefit from our affordable AI solutions. 

So, what are you waiting for? GO AI today to grow your business. 

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