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Autonomous Farmhands Are Changing the Game

Old Macdonald had a farm, A-I-A-I-O! For workers in agriculture everywhere, the implementation of AI in agriculture and the agriculture industry has been steadily becoming the norm for some time now. 

From AI that can monitor crops (and figure out growing plans that can optimize your field) to full-on AI farming equipment that can till the land—although a human still rides on top, monitoring the progress—farmers everywhere are enjoying the benefits of AI.

Why AI in Agriculture Will Ultimately Benefit the Industry

Though some farmers may resist the technological revolution and evolution, AgDaily reports that this will likely be a good thing, because farms all over the world are reporting shortages in human labor. 

The United Nations also relays the importance of boosting the productivity of the agricultural industry, as the projected world population of 2050 will be 9.3 billion, which is a lot of mouths to feed. 

AI Crop Monitoring

By utilizing AI to monitor crops, we can achieve better yields, taking us one step closer to meeting the growing demand for food.

Everything from moisture monitoring, soil composition testing, and temperature predictions are putting us on track to having the most sophisticated and effective agricultural systems in human history. 

AI in Agriculture Can Help the Environment 

Harvard International Review has also reported that AI can make urban and indoor farming much more feasible by precisely identifying the ideal conditions for particular plants. Our agricultural methods can reduce problems with deforestation by minimizing damage to the ecosystem for crop production.

Another issue identified in that article that AI can help with is the distribution of herbicides across fields. AI quickly identifies the weeds that require herbicides and actively distinguishes those that can be left untouched in a field. This approach reduces herbicide usage and minimizes environmental damage.

AI Farming Tools

According to Science Focus, reported that robotic farm workers, numbering 150 types, actively perform tasks across 48 different countries worldwide. If anyone is wondering when the AI revolution is coming to farming, it is probably important to understand that it is already here. 

Though we mentioned above that AI tractors are typically attended by a human, Monarch is at work to create “driverless tractors”, which can further free up farmhands to do more human-intensive work. 

Are You in Agriculture and Want to Implement AI? 

For anyone in the agriculture industry looking to implement or upscale AI in their operations, there are many places to look. 

Though ChatGPT may help people write company reports, it is not quite effective out on the field. 

There is an AI solution that can help farmers, however, and that is the AI that is offered by Findability Sciences, which offers AI solutions to numerous industries. You can GO AI to find out how you can benefit from these solutions. 

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