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Here are 3 Things to Look out for when choosing a local seo agency.


There are so many ad agencies out there selling “seo” as a service offering. Yet, so few agencies actually know how to manage a seo team and more importantly, gain success from their on site work.

Are you looking to hire a local seo company?  Here are a few key areas to investigate prior to pulling the trigger.

Is the Local SEO Agency guaranteeing fast rankings?

RUN!  Local SEO can take anywhere from three to six months to start seeing progress, especially if it’s a new site. Unfortunately, the collateral damage from “cheap SEO” can go much deeper. It can draw a Google penalty and virtually wipe out a website’s visibility on the web overnight.  

Business owners need to keep in mind they’re ultimately responsible for any SEO work performed on their site. They should discuss the specific tactics to be used, before entering into an agreement especially if they claim to make rankings happen fast.

Remember, seo is a marathon not a sprint.  If you want to sprint online, you need to re-evaluate your schedule all together and turn to search engine marketing strategies.

What tools do they use for local SEO?

We belong to so many search engine optimization groups and it’s not uncommon for a self made entrepreneur to sell seo and then turn around and outsource to a platform like Upwork.  

Make sure you dive into the exact tools that they are going to utilize and what those tools actually do.  Most agencies subscribe to a number of different search term aggregators, local and national keyword planner tools, and free subscriptions like Google Search Console.  

The seo agency should start the partnership off by being transparent.  After all, you came to them because you didn’t want to “do it yourself” and this type of reporting should be shown to you from these tools throughout performance review meetings.  If the seo agency isn’t divolging this information, chances are they shouldn’t be trusted.

What is their content strategy?

So many ad agencies put the content strategy on autopilot and its a fundamental aspect of SEO!  You need to make sure that this local seo company has a strategy behind every content piece.  

If a seo agency is planning themed content a year in advance, RUN!  You need to plan content around 90-120 days and be able to pivot if there are search terms related to your business product or service that you can pivot and take advantage of.  

If the local seo agency immediately shows you a 6 month or year long plan they are just writing content for the sake of checking off the “seo content box”.  Each content piece should have a focus keyword that they are addressing. This post is centered around “local seo agency”.  

Have questions?  We are here to provide transparency in the word of search engines so don’t be afraid to reach out and have a conversation with our team.  Even if Guardian Owl isn’t your local seo agency of choice, we’d be happy to save you from a bad one. 

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