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Ready for Farming 4.0?

We are.

Implementing persona modeling into your farm can make an immeasurable impact on the trajectory of your business.  

So what is persona modeling and how does it exactly intersect with agriculture?

In general terms, persona modeling involves an artificial intelligence (AI) agent that combs through your data related to a specified population (e.g., the customers of your business), and offers “cognitive insights” in response to that data.

These insights allow you to make unprecedented decisions in your business with trust and up to 98% accuracy.

Examples of cognitive insights are personality and behavioral traits, seasonal buying patterns, diversity segments, and so much more.

For example, a cannabis farmer that uses GO AI’s persona modeling platform will be able to learn about the specific wants and needs of their end-users. The most and least frequent spenders, their medical and recreational users, delivery vs. in-store customers, etc.

And it doesn’t stop there.

GO AI, powered by Findability Sciences technology, offers farmers a range of prediction solutions to take it one step further.

One use Findability Platform has for a cannabis company is optimizing product manufacturing costs.

For example, if your business offers CBD oils to customers, chances are that you’re well aware of the number of materials needed for oil extraction.

Let’s say your preferred method of oil extraction is hydrocarbon extraction, which requires a steady supply of butane and propane. If there’s a high demand for your oil products, chances are you are going to need to keep the propane and butane rolling in to meet customer demands.

FS Price Prediction Platform will assist you in optimizing production costs by collecting and analyzing data about historical trends in the price fluctuations of propane and butane, stock market analysis, currency exchange data, and other internal and external information sources.

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