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It is not always the case that you are the one who is looking for those who are lost. Sometimes, they are seeking your help. A conversational computing platform, another AI tool offered by Findability Sciences, will be there 24/7 for anyone who is looking to get in contact with your church, center, or whatever institution you run. 

These platforms are commonly called chatbots, because they have “chats” with visitors to your site, social media page, or email address. 

These chatbots are trained on data relating to your industry, so that it can answer questions interested specifically related to your organization. AI platforms can actually be trained on the questions asked by people interested in your institution through email, social media, etc., so that it will be truly prepared for any and all questions relating to what you offer. 

Chatbots work all day, every day, which can be especially helpful for treatment centers for people who may be up at late hours, in despair and needing help. A chatbot can immediately answer them, directing them to the resources they need to get help ASAP. 


For those offering AI services, it can pay to think outside of the box and reach out to organizations that could benefit from tools like persona modeling and conversational computing. 

For those who are a part of organizations and institutions who want to improve their outreach efforts, these tools can make it easier to reach people quickly and efficiently, and be there for them whenever your need them.