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When all of us in the Guardian Owl Nest get together (virtually, of course!), it doesn’t take long for our conversations to land on sports-related stories and references. We have several fitness lovers and youth sports coaches among our ranks, so it makes sense!


Whether we’re talking about the latest powerlifting techniques, what’s been happening in spin class, or how our kids are coping with interruptions to sports and school routines, we’ve covered it at The Nest.

Sports really are a big part of our lives here. Three members of the Guardian Owl team have taken on coaching various local athletic teams. And we love it! I coach field hockey at Atherton high school, Jamie coaches middle school basketball, and Allison coaches middle school track and field.

 We’ve all come to discover that leading these middle and high school kids on the field calls on a lot of the business and life skills we employ in our work on a daily basis. Not to mention a lot of the same problem-solving and organizational skills we use in both arenas.


If you’re reading this, you probably live this familiar life/work juggling routine. It requires lots of creative problem solving, later nights, and earlier mornings to fill gaps dedicated to athletic practices and games. And let’s remember family commitments, children’s schedules, and school concerns.

It’s all so worth it to us. Giving back and serving while impacting the lives of kids who need all the support they can get during this pandemic make it all worth the late nights.

If we can help these kids learn how to set and work toward achieving goals on and off the field, this prepares them for cultivating crucial life skills in adulthood. We’re talking both work AND family. Managing a healthy and thriving family life is arguably more important than any professional endeavor.


More than anything, we’ve all found that the kids we’re coaching along the way are teaching us even more than we’ve ever taught them.  Who knows, maybe the same kids that were once our athletes, will become major contributors to the Guardian Owl Team one day.


While we’re at it, we’ve discovered some parallels between the sports culture we love and Guardian Owl’s team-based approach to helping clients succeed:


  • Setting goals

Above all, we listen. You know your business better than anyone, and we have lots of ways to help connect you to your market. Whether in sports or business, what’s a winning strategy without establishing measurable goals?


  • Teamwork

The best teams understand the importance of letting individuals do what they do best, for the good of the whole. This is true on the ballfield and in any professional setting. Guardian Owl takes a strong team approach in supporting our clients’ goals – and you are a key part of our team, as well!


  • Reaching goals

Our ultimate goal is yours. The Guardian Owl team is constantly challenged to stretch – learn more, deliver excellence, and surpass clients’ expectations. When your SEO strategy isn’t quite hitting the mark, we dig even more and use all our tools to meet those measurable goals.


At the end of the day, our goal at Guardian Owl is to leave the world a better place, both professionally and personally.

Want to build together and get to know our owls? Contact us at team@guardianowldigital.com to join The Nest.