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Jenna Ahern Guardian Owl Digital

Based in Louisville, Kentucky Guardian Owl Digital was founded by Automotive Digital Powerhouse, Jenna Ahern on a mission to do business differently. #honestindigital

Hailing from a single mother household and a Division I wrestler mindset, Ahern is a walking reminder that the future belongs to those who have the courage to create it.

Ahern escaped her small town through a Division I field hockey scholarship to the University of Louisville in 2006.

Demonstrating her skillsets on and off the field, Ahern was named a 2 year Vice Captain, 4 Year Student Athlete Council Leader, and led a NCAA Sweet Sixteen Championship appearance.

Ahern learned quickly that athletics, especially Louisville field hockey in the midwest, was not going to help build financial net-worth.

Through networking and relationships, Ahern was offered a position by J&L Marketing traveling the country on weekends promoting sales and service promotions at dealerships.

Gaining 10 years of experience while achieving some of the highest sales honors within her industry, Jenna Ahern left her 6 figure corporate salary to build a business doing digital marketing the right way.

Google Certified Partner | Forbes Agency Council Member

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Allison Taylor Guardian Owl

Doing Blogging For SEO

Allison Taylor has grown up and lived in the wonderful city of Louisville for her entire life. She spent a few years in Bowling Green while she attended Western Kentucky University. At WKU, Allison earned her degree in Culinary Arts and pursued a career in marketing for food service companies.

Allison’s background is incredibly diverse, which has enabled her to quickly grow into an SEO Blogging Expert with a “figure it out” work ethic that is foundational to Guardian Owl Digital’s Client Success.

When she is not writing code and unlocking the secrets of internet visitors, for Guardian Owl Digital,  Allison Taylor successfully runs her own travel website and blog, Family Vacations U.S.

Allison utilizes her business and seo expertise to help build the right influence for brands to drive revenue and an unwavering belief in digital transformation.

HubSpot Certified | Amazon Merchant Certified | Shopfiy Certifed

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Zack Hodge Digital Marketing

Doing Video For SEO

Zack Hodge swooped into Guardian Owl Digital in 2017 and has made his mark on video ever since.  Gaining experience under WLKY and WLEX TV,  Zack brings traditional agency TV experience into the new YouTube digital age.

Zack knows that publishing unique and engaging content  for brands that aligns with meta-data strategically implemented is vital in increasing discoverability. 

When Zack Hodge isn’t optimizing YouTube video’s for high search engine ranking, he is often our Guardian Owl office goofball making us laugh and reminding us not to take things, including SEO, too seriously.

What You Don’t Know About YouTube and SEO

Jamie Ahern Guardian Owl Digital

Doing Technical SEO

The Ahern sister, Jamie Ahern, graduated from Bloomsberg University specializing in Speech Therapy and helping the non-verbal have a voice in the world.

After graduating college, Ahern began he career as a Behavior Technician in an autistic school committed to making a difference one life at a time.

Working her way up through the ranks, Jamie realized that making an impact in the private sector can be slow and often not aligned with her real purpose. 

As Guardian Owl Digital quickly took flight across the country, Jamie began learning the technical SEO maintenance required monthly for websites to achieve steadfast organic growth online.

Jamie officially joined her sister’s flock in 2017 focused now on communicating the often “non verbal” facets of SEO to Guardian Owl Clients.

When Jamie isn’t managing her clients online campaigns she continues to be a steward of doing business the right way in digital and coaching basketball.

Google Analytics Certified | Google Search Certified

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