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So you know those enticing little squares that pop up at the top of Google when you type in something like “dog costumes”? The ones that put adorable, professionally taken pictures of pups right in your face with links allowing you to acquire that cuteness in mere seconds?

Well those oh-so-clickable tiles aren’t just there to brighten your day. Those are actually Google shopping ads, and they can be a very effective way of advertising any product. So, when you type in “dog costumes” these adorable little guys pop up.

Well, there is a much bigger story than you might think behind Google Shopping Ads. Likely, it involves a stressed out, sweaty, marketing company employee pouring over bid amounts, keyword densities, title benchmarks, and image clarity. All in hopes of getting their ad in the top 8 ranking spots so that they may achieve Google Shopping Optimization Nirvana.

All of that can get confusing and if you really want to start learning about it there is a great and relatively simple article that gives 5 Ways to Optimize Google Shopping Results. However, for the simple-man in us all, you can think about Google Shopping Optimization like a really exciting soccer game. There are only two goals.

All you gotta do is:

Work the crowd

get your ad to show up for the right shoppers

Make the crowd work for you

get your ad to show up for the right shoppers

Why does anybody care about google shopping?

Why are so many companies using Google Shopping Ads as opposed to their simple, text-based counterparts? The answer lies in the numbers. 

· 26% higher conversion rate vs. text-based ads (more people buy stuff!)
· 23% lower cost-per-click (more bang for your buck!)
· 2-3 times the clickthrough rate (more folks want to click on it!)

These are big statistics when it comes to choosing how you want to advertise online. To generate sales you need traffic, and an effective, optimized Google Shopping Ad is the old-lady-crossing-the-road of creating traffic. It creates a lot… terrible joke but you get it.

Besides the numbers, it just takes a little common sense and thinking like a shopper to know when to use Google Shopping Ads. Customers want to know what they are buying, and as a company trying to push product you want to get it out there as much as possible.

With the drastic increase in online shopping and a general societal laziness, the best way to do this is with Google Shopping. Allowing potential customers to visualize your product and get relevant information in seconds is a serious weapon in the online world. The less they have to work, the better.

Is google shopping right for my business

Now that you are woke to the wonders that Google Shopping ad optimization can do for your business you are probably ready to dive into a campaign. You probably can’t wait to throw together some ads, assume some relevant keywords, and drop some hot bids.


Before you do, take a second.. breathe… and remember that this article (or whatever it is) only scratches the surface of Google Shopping. If you rush into a campaign you could be severely disappointed in your results.

Ask yourself, is this something I feel like doing? The answer is probably no because nobody likes doing things.

Now ask yourself a better question. Is this worth doing for my business? The answer can be more complicated here. A successful campaign takes a lot of time and effort. Resources normally used elsewhere would need to be diverted. Money would be spent. And even then, in the wrong hands, your campaign may be futile.

Luckily there are google shopping experts for this!

At Guardian Owl Digital, we have what we like to call the Google Shopping special sauce. That is, we provide Google Shopping Ad Optimization Services, we just do it with more charisma
We are a Google Certified Partner! Which means that like three people at Google know who we are… but it also means that we know the ins and outs of Google and how their search results operate. Our strategy is to find the perfect balance of high traffic and low competition keywords that will put your Ads in the faces of consumers. With us you will get a smoothly and effectively run campaign and best of all, you won’t have to handle it yourself.
Make one of the most valuable tools in advertising work for you. Google Shopping Ads can make your traffic and sales skyrocket if you use it correctly. And if you want, let the nerds at Guardian Owl Digital help you out. We really don’t have anything better to do.

If you made it this far send a Google Review our way to make our Digital Account Managers Smile!

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