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What is Google My Business & Google Maps

A family of four is deciding on a restaurant for Sunday night dinner. The kids are having a hard time agreeing before the parents settle on a local Italian restaurant. They search the location on Google Maps and begin driving there. When they arrive, the restaurant looks dark and unpopulated. The family realizes the restaurant is closed!

Where was that information in the Google search?

Google My Business

When users Google search or look up a business on Google Maps, they expect relevant information in return. Google My Business is an online platform that holds the most essential information to improve online presence.What is Google My Business

When setting up a Google My Business account, there are six crucial pieces of information:

  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Website
  • Hours of Operation
  • Pictures
  • Reviews

Companies are responsible for managing their Google My Business accounts. It is crucial that information on the platform is up-to-date and thorough to ensure customers are properly engaged and new prospects are well informed.

Google Maps

Most popular for its navigation feature, Google Maps is a service that provides a bank of data in real time. It is a maps service that helps users navigate the entire globe.

Google My Business is linked to Google Maps, meaning any information companies input into Google My Business will show up in a Google Maps search.

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