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Are you ever perusing the internet and get the sense that you are being followed? It isn’t a scary or even annoying feeling, more of a little nag in the back of your mind. You might not even realize what is causing that feeling because you refuse to take a moment away from your internet searching. So you bury that feeling and continue with your search for information on Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay, and who would blame you? Not only is he a talented chef, but he’s dreamy too.

That feeling that we all know and probably don’t love is caused by remarketing advertisements. The small, visual advertisements that seem to follow you around the web and appear on many different websites.

They appear after you visit a website or show interest in a company in some form. Say you are in the market for a snowboard and visit Back Country’s Website. They are tracking that, and an ad for snowboards may appear for you elsewhere on the web.While that feeling might not be the most positive thing in the world, it is the worst case scenario when it comes to remarketing campaigns. Besides creating a small nagging feeling for some customers, it is also creating brand familiarity, traffic, and sales. Studies show that it is minimally annoying yet very effective.

How Remarketing is Done

The best way to begin winning the attention of potential customers is to start a Google Adwords Remarketing Campaign. The premise is simple. You just add a bit of code to your webpage to track who has visited your site and ads will be targeted at these people as they browse the web. They may see your ad as they are reading the news or shopping for clothes or… looking up Gordon Ramsay (again, he’s amazing).

For a successful Google Remarketing Campaign however, the intricacies pile up. Some of which will be covered here, but for a more comprehensive DIY guide, check out Neil Patel’s A to Z approach.

Along with tracking who has visited your site, with the magic Google code, you will be able to track which parts of your business people are interested in. Depending on which pages people visit you can tell what type of product or service they are interested in and target that person with a highly specified ad that is directed at exactly what they have shown interest in.

This kind of specificity allows you to group customers by their interests and other personal characteristics. Which is an essential part of any google remarketing campaign. The creation of Marketing Funnels as they’re called, is both a goal and a key aspect of a remarketing.

Marketing funnels and remarketing in general can be hard to understand just from reading about it. Some people find it easier to hear people talk about it.

Why Remarketing Works

The idea behind a Google Remarketing Campaign is to get a second, third, even fourth chance with consumers. Think basketball. For those in our hometown of Louisville Kentucky this won’t be a problem.

Often in basketball the team with the most second chance points comes out on top. You have already taken a shot and missed. But it’s okay! Only 2-4% of website visits turn into transactions. With a Google Remarketing Campaign, you catch customers on the rebound with another chance to slam it home. Only this time you are much closer to the basket.

Remarketing creates brand familiarity. When your ads are popping up multiple times for people you stay at the front of their brain. The ads are not invasive and don’t interrupt the consumer’s online experience. But they are there.

As people see your beautifu remarketing ads they begin to recognize your brand and they are reminded of the interest that they already displayed by visiting your site.

That is all well and good, but someone knowing your brand is no good unless they actually buy something. This is where specificity comes into play.

Adwords remarketing allows you to target customers individually based on the groups you have separated them into.

Looking for a snowboard? Boom! Here’s an ad that will take you right to our snowboards page.

How about a Gordon Ramsay life-size cut out? Shabang! Here he is in all his glory.

Of course your company probably doesn’t sell those two things, but you get the point.

So now consumers are being targeted based on their interests and engagement is increasing as people click through your ads and revisit your website.

Life is good.

Why do Retargeting ads?

Google Adwords Remarketing Campaigns are becoming a big part of marketing strategies for tons of companies, and for good reason.

Through remarketing, you start to build a relationship with potential customers. As anyone with a love life knows, people are more likely to commit the more they get to know you. Even us lonely marketing chumps understand that.

The flip side of this is that you get to know your customers and audience better. Through remarketing campaigns you get a better read on the interests and tendencies of the people who are most interested in your product. This is information that can be applied to all facets of your marketing strategy.

Above all, the goal is to increase sales. And a Google Adwords Remarketing Campaign will undoubtedly help you do this.

What if I don’t have time for all this remarketing stuff?

At Guardian Owl, we understand as a business owner your time is literally money. We also understand that taking time to make an Adwords remarketing campaign can be a daunting task for business owners with so much else on their mind. Which is why we have made remarketing one of out specialties. You do what you do best, run your business, and let us handle telling everyone how awesome it is.

Need some help? We were hoping you’d flock our way.

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