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The search term “Froggle” started trending overnight as Google released breaking news stating that Google Shopping Ads are now free. Beginning next week starting April 27th Google Shopping will be considered “free listings” in the United States. The roll out to additional regions has yet to be determined by the tech giant.

If you are already taking advantage of Google Shopping Ads you won’t have to do much to flip the switch. Login to your Google Merchant Center account and look to the left hand navigation menu. To opt in click on “Growth” and then “Manage Programs” where you should be able to select “surfaces across Google”. Show your products in unpaid product results on surfaces across Google. With this program, you can increase the number of places where your product listings may appear and help users find your products more easily. Your products will start showing on surfaces across Google for free!

Google Shopping Ads in Merchant Center

If you are brand new to Google Shopping Ads you’re going to want to setup your Google Merchant Account. This can be a cumbersome process so if you are utilizing a digital agency like Guardian Owl as them prior to navigating through the setup.