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Historically, the stock market has been shown to swing high and low. If the same can be said of the crypto market, then we have been waiting quite a long time for things to start looking bullish. 

Apologies if you invested in crypto, but if the crypto bear market ever leaves hibernation, you might see better ROI if AI tools are put to proper use


Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis


Crypto prices are notoriously hard to predict.

There are several reasons for this, but perhaps foremost of all is that the only thing that determines whether a given cryptocurrency is valuable or not depends entirely on how people feel about it. 

There’s a sort of middleschoolish “is it cool or not?” feeling around cryptocurrencies that you must be sensitive to if you want to invest well. 

With AI, there is a process called “sentiment analysis” where AI can analyze the instances of a particular crypto as it is mentioned across social media and in the regular media. 

The AI agent takes note of the “sentiments” expressed based on positive, negative, or neutral words or phrases. Natural Language Processing, or NLP, enables AI agents to easily understand human languages. 

This can give an edge in determining whether a little-known cryptocurrency is gaining traction or whether it is time to sell crypto you already own. 


A First-Rate Market Analyst That Works 24/7


The header says it all. 


AI agents are valuable because they can evaluate massive amounts of data in a short amount of time. Additionally, AI is incredibly adept at spotting significant patterns in a data set that a human may not catch. 

So, short- and long-term market trends for cryptocurrency can be spotted with relative ease by an AI agent. 

For particular cryptocurrencies, AI can yield accurate predictions about projected gains or losses based on myriad data. 

Such data may include the historical performances of the crypto and similar cryptocurrencies. Overall, you can be sure that investing in crypto is less risky when AI is involved. 


Analyzing an Exchange Market with AI


A particular use that many businesses, specifically those in the manufacturing industry, have found for AI is analyzing an exchange market for clues about the prices of raw materials. 

Automated prediction platforms such as Findability.AI’s Predictive AI are employed for this purpose. 

For instance, Findability Sciences’ price prediction algorithm was able to predict the price of aluminum on the London Metal Exchange with 99% accuracy. 


GO AI to Grow Your Business


If you are interested in leveraging automated stock market analysts to grow your business, then reach out to Guardian Owl Digital today. GO AI is our artificial intelligence initiative that offers you cutting-edge AI tools through our partnership with Findability Sciences. 

We offer everything from automated chatbots that can converse with your customer base, to advertising programs that use computer vision to optimize your creative marketing strategies. 


Let’s GO.