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The New York Times reported details about the meeting that took place between officials from the Biden administration and some of the most high-profile A.I. innovators to discuss government regulations. 

This included the C.E.O.s of tech companies like Google, OpenAI (the developer of ChatGPT), Microsoft, and Anthropic. 

What Happened at the Meeting?

This was certainly an important meeting, as it was led by Vice President Kamala Harris. At one point, even President Biden made a brief appearance, warning the tech leaders that A.I. without any sort of government regulations has “enormous danger”. 

That comment more or less outlines the apparent purpose of the two-hour meeting: to discuss the potential dangers that A.I., which is currently developing at a breakneck pace, could hold for the future. 

The meeting, then, served as a reminder to these C.E.O.s to remember that they are not outside the law and that safety and security concerns that their A.I. products may raise could end up falling on them. 

Why Did the White House Call the Meeting?

For the most part, the United States is the frontrunner in the artificial intelligence race. Just about every big name in tech has a hand in it, from Bill Gates challenging OpenAI (which is kind-of sort-of unofficially owned by Microsoft, its majority investor) to make ChatGPT pass an A.P. Biology exam to Elon Musk starting his own A.I. company called X.AI. 

Many world leaders outside of America, however, are worried about how the U.S.’s tech competition may affect humanity. As a result, the U.S. has had to answer to demands from around the world to ensure that A.I. is developed with humanity’s best interests in mind and with government regulations in place, instead of just the potential fortunes to be made by a select number of American individuals involved in the A.I. race. 

This Meeting Could Be the First Step for Broad A.I. Government Regulations

Congress is already laying the groundwork to regulate A.I., so it would be naïve to think that the Wild West of A.I. usage is just going to continue indefinitely. 

It may even be by the end of this year that A.I. begins to see the U.S. Government’s A.I. Regulations will not only inhibit A.I. development at companies like Google but limit businesses’ use of A.I. as well. 

Much of these will be probably focused on security issues, such as developers that use questionable data sources to train their systems on. 

Here’s How Businesses Should Prepare for A.I. Regulations

Perhaps the best thing for a business owner to do to weather a storm of A.I. regulations is to work with a trustworthy A.I. provider, such as IBM. 

Part of the reason for IBM’s longevity in A.I. has been its trustworthiness. Watson is dependable and does not go off on any wildcard tangents, which is what has made it such a huge success with business leaders worldwide. 

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With ChatGPT, artificial intelligence finally had its “iPhone moment”.

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