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IBM Watson vs. ChatGPT: A Deeper Look at Their Differences

We recently posted an article about two of the most famous chatbots in recent history. 

In that post, we argued that IBM Watson’s years of experience within a variety of industries, from finance to healthcare, gives it the edge over ChatGPT, which is still in its infancy, launching a prototype just this past November. 

Two Different Origin Stories

IBM’s Watson was created “in-house” by IBM engineers. To speak more about Watson being an IBM product through and through, consider that the name Watson is an homage to Thomas J. Watson, the founder of IBM. 

ChatGPT, on the other hand, was built by a start-up, OpenAI, with some famous investors behind it, such as Elon Musk. 

Microsoft bought ChatGPT from OpenAI for billions and recently announced it will invest even more billions in the conversational computing platform. 

This investment speaks to ChatGPT’s future potential as a viable conversational computing platform. 


IBM Watson Has More Focus


What makes IBM Watson’s years of employment across multiple industries a valuable asset is that it is very adept at performing specific roles within those industries. 

Any AI researcher knows that any machine learning platform is in a state of continual growth. As the AI platform performs work, it will improve over time until it reaches near-perfect performance. 

We mentioned earlier that ChatGPT is a relative infant compared to IBM Watson, and part of this is that ChatGPT has not been employed for an extended period of time in 70% of global banking institutions, the way IBM Watson has. 

ChatGPT, on the other hand, is like a dry run for “general AI”, an all-purpose AI that can do just about anything. Anyone who knows anything about AI knows that we are a long way off from general AI. 

ChatGPT may have some use for public entertainment and purposes at the moment, such as testing whether it can write a good cover letter.

However, if you are looking to invest in a conversational computing platform for your business, test out ChatGPT. Pretend you are a customer who is asking general questions about your industry. Notice if there are any errors, both grammatical and informational. 

No matter what your business is, you can be certain that IBM Watson has been trained and improved to perform at a high level in that industry. 


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