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With the recent meteoric rise of chatbots in the consciousness of just about anyone with an Internet connection, people’s understanding of AI is that it will be replacing human workers, such as copywriters. 

However, the more accurate view is the one that understands that AI is best used as a sort of assistant. 

Businesses that have been using ChatGPT to write their copy soon ran into the roadblock that ChatGPT sure does lack common sense, and makes plenty of factual and grammatical errors. As a result, business leaders are better off keeping their copywriters on the staff, with ChatGPT being a writing assistant that can be used to produce compelling copy that can then be edited. 

But, there are plenty of ways that business leaders can leverage AI for their own uses. If you are interested in making AI platforms your new virtual assistant in making important decisions, then read on for some uses you can get right now from AI. 


Prediction Platforms


Prediction platforms tend to be automated data-analyzing algorithms that will, you guessed it, make predictions for you. 

One of the most general-purpose AI predictive analytics uses for businesses involves customer churn. 

AI can look through your company’s internal data as well as external data to not only identify your likely churn rate over a specified time period but will also identify those customers within your customer base that are most likely to churn. 

As a result, you can then strengthen your customer outreach efforts to potential churning customers, helping you with customer retention. 


Making Creative Marketing Decisions


Of course, the problem with customer retention and gaining new customers, so that your churn rate will not become too high, is to create compelling marketing materials. 

There is an AI tool called TouchUp that is offered by Findability Sciences, which is an IBM Partner known for offering AI services across a wide array of industries. 

What TouchUp does is analyze a business’ marketing materials and make predictions about who it is most likely to reach across important demographics. 

TouchUp will also offer you a detailed prediction about how customers will interact with and/or interpret your marketing materials. In this case, TouchUp will offer you a step-by-step prediction of where your customers’ eyes will look first, then second, then third, fourth, and so on in your visual ad. 

So, TouchUp literally helps make your ads become more “eye-catching”.


Yes, Chatbots Will Help


As a business leader, you need to figure out how to best organize your customer outreach and support efforts.

You can indeed use chatbots for your business. 

Though ChatGPT makes too many errors for you to trust it in an unsupervised one-on-one interaction with your customer, you can hire a much more effective chatbot. 

That conversational computing AI platform goes by the name of IBM Watson, and the best thing you can do for your customer outreach efforts is getting Watson to do customer support on your website. 

IBM Watson is used by over 70% of global banking institutions globally, and many, many more industries trust Watson with their customers. 

You can get Watson through Findability Sciences, which has partnered with Guardian Owl Digital.

Read on below to get information about how you can use AI to make business decisions.


GO AI to Grow Your Business


Predicting the prices of raw materials with 99% accuracy. Finding out your customer churn rate well in advance. Analyzing your marketing materials to find out where viewers’ eyes will go, and in what order.

Guardian Owl Digital knows that AI is not the future—it is right now. And right now, businesses everywhere are making use of their data with AI platforms. 

GO AI is our artificial intelligence initiative that offers you cutting-edge AI tools through our partnership with Findability Sciences. 

We offer everything from automated chatbots that can converse with your customer base, to advertising programs that use computer vision to optimize your creative marketing strategies. 


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