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Remember back to Picture Day in grade school, where you were made to stand in a line somewhat reminiscent of the “queue” of faceless children from Pink Floyd’s rather frightening (if thought-provoking) “Another Brick in the Wall” music video, waiting for minutes upon minutes only to sit yourself on a rickety stool and say “Cheeeeeessssseeee” for an always unflattering picture that would forever be immortalized in the yearbook that one day your very grandchildren may see—or may have already seen, depending on how far behind are your grade school picture days—and think, “huh, so THAT’s what you looked like?”

Wouldn’t it be great if grade-school you were able to just give an A.I. a couple pictures of yourself, and generate the best-looking grade school picture of all time?

The Importance of Images in the Contemporary Business World

Even past grade school, in the business world the image of the employee is becoming more and more central to the culture of business, not just in America but internationally. 

From LinkedIn profile pictures to company website “Meet the Team!” pages, it is becoming imperative for companies to altogether assemble photographs of employees to display online, for potential clients and customers to put a number of smiling faces to the brand. Gone are the days of the faceless worker bees hidden behind the cloaking hive of a brand. 

This increased focus on the visual incentivizes business owners to invest more in creating a brand image that is inclusive of the internal employees. 

However, orchestrating a “picture day” for companies of any size can be difficult, and assigning employees the task of making their own headshot can result in varying quality (some may simply submit an ill-lit selfie taken at their kitchen table). 

And, of course, adults are just as likely (perhaps more so) as grade school children to dislike a picture that they perceive to be unflattering. 

This is why we have selected StudioShot, which basically creates headshots for your employees, as our A.I. company of the week.

What Is StudioShot?

StudioShot falls under the A.I. company category of “generative A.I.”, which creates new content based on a prompt. 

The most famous example of generative A.I. is ChatGPT, which is helping people everywhere generate full-length blogs, essays, reports, memos, emails, et cetera based on short and simple prompts. 

With StudioShot, the prompts are not sentences but rather photos of a given employee that already exist. From this raw data, the generative A.I. platform is able to correspondingly create professional headshots of that employee, even from selfies that seem casual! 

Why Should Your Business Look into AI Headshots? 

A huge benefit here is that it saves your business much time and money by expediting the process of generating headshots to a simple 1-2-3: Upload selfies of the employee, choose the style of the photograph (lighting, background, and the like), then, presto! out comes a number of headshots to choose from. 

This service is doubly valuable because it is especially tricky to physically corral employees in the age of hybrid and remote work, were some of your workers may be far from your headquarters. 

Because of this, being able to create a unified aesthetic for the headshots through the StudioShot app will help your brand image. It is certainly preferable to have the headshots look more or less the same when it comes to background and lighting, rather than have a virtual potpourri of grinning employees on your site’s “About Us” page.

To achieve the unified aesthetic, simply request that your employees use the same setting for lighting and background, to create the desired homogeneity that makes for a good company website page. 

For examples of how effective this A.I. solution can be, check out StudioShot’s use cases here.

How Much Does It Cost, and Is It Worth It? 

As of this writing, the pricing for StudioShot is as follows: 

1-5 Members: $29.25 per person

5-20 Members: $21.75 per person

20+ Members: Inquire for bulk pricing

As for the question of whether this is worth it, you should accordingly consider the costs of a professional photographer getting employee headshots for your business. Many corporate photographers can charge over $100 per employee headshot. 

Considering this, then StudioShot can absolutely be a bargain for any business looking to upgrade the team page on the website and LinkedIn profile game. 

StudioShot and TikTok

StudioShot has gained a lot of attention on TikTok for ease of use of the platform, as well as the cost-effectiveness. The fact of the matter is, some of your employees may already be using StudioShot to create headshots for their LinkedIn page and company website profile. 

Did you hear about StudioShot from TikTok, or from Guardian Owl Digital? We like to hear from businesses about what A.I. they are learning about, and connect them with A.I. platforms that can offer the solutions they need. 

Want to learn more? Reach out to us and GO AI today.

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