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A.I. Saves Researchers Time In Identifying a Good Plan of Action

CNN reports that A.I. has recently helped researchers in the healthcare industry develop an antibiotic that could potentially wipe out a form of bacteria that poses a significant health risk. 

It is just the latest example of how A.I. is helping humans reach effective and desirable solutions in a fraction of the time it normally would. 

Researchers trained an A.I. model on data regarding compounds that inhibit the growth of the “superbug” bacteria, which would typically spread (and evolve and strengthen) in hospital settings. The high mortal risk that this bacteria posed is one of the biggest reasons that spurred scientists to action, and enlist A.I. to help. 

After training, the A.I. was then shown new chemicals and made to predict whether such chemicals could help fight the bacteria or not. 

Plus, in just a few short hours, the A.I. was able to sift through 6,000 molecules that would be relevant for creating an antibiotic. 

Researchers identified 240 chemicals from there, which could possibly help eliminate the superbug. Additionally, they conducted lab tests on these chemicals and further narrowed down the list to nine compounds, until they identified one that was most likely to combat the bacteria.

With A.I., the scientists were able to speed up the process of asking themselves “what if we used this compound?” to more quickly find the one that they needed. 

It is just this kind of work that makes A.I. relevant to not only healthcare industry innovations, but business owners everywhere. 

A.I. That Allows You to Ask “What If?”

Every business owner knows that running a company is rife with constant “what if” scenarios that you must always be cognizant of. 

A.I. is a tool that can help you quickly and easily answer those “what if” questions, and also offer you creative solutions as a result. 

For instance, if your “what if” is about your level of customer churn at the end of this quarter, you can most certainly get an accurate answer from A.I. about this. 

For relevant questions, such as what your customer churn will be in a certain timeframe, human guesswork can be supplanted by data-driven machine-made predictions. 

Another example of this applies to the manufacturing industry. A.I. offered by Findability Sciences can be used to imagine a variety of ways to modify your operations to boost productivity. 

When A.I. gives you highly creative reorganization solutions, you can more easily determine what net benefits there are to such solutions. And the variety of solutions as well allow you to contrast them with ease and speed, allowing you to make crucial choices about your operations at mission-critical times. 

No matter what industry you are in, you can be sure that Guardian Owl Digital has the A.I. solution for you, which we detail here.

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