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This article is part of an ongoing series on the uses for artificial intelligence (AI) in manufacturing, starting with our article introducing machine learning and AI, and their relevance to manufacturing and supply chain operations. 

This article will cover how AI can be used by a manufacturer looking to cut down on security issues and risks that are within and without the factory. Artificial intelligence solutions allow for quicker detection rates of suspicious behavior, allowing manufacturers to prevent and stop any security issues early on, or before they even start. 

A Vulnerable Industry

There are a variety of threats to the manufacturing industry that loom at all times. 

From cybersecurity breaches that can be as extreme as shutting down your operations until you pay a ransom, to more physical issues such as theft, there are many things you need to stay focused on throughout the day. 

Crime never sleeps, either, so any security system that is not running 24/7 makes you all the more vulnerable. 

With AI, you can easily implement a highly accurate and sharp-eyed security system that will operate tirelessly day and night, instantly alerting you to any issue. 

AI-powered security solutions can work for both physical and digital threats to manufacturing, giving you a holistically-focused security assistant that is ready to throw the net on any potential thief. 

A Quick-Acting Analyst

The field of artificial intelligence most often produces services that are based in either prediction or analysis, and sometimes both. It is no different when it comes to AI-based security services. 

Most AI systems are also assistive, meaning they are there to make humans’ jobs easier, and do not necessarily function as replacements. Though an AI agent can be a stellar security analyst, it is often more effective to have it assist, rather than replace, your human security team. 

Advantages of Computer Vision Security

When it comes to monitoring things like thefts, destruction of property, or other issues that could pop up in your factory, then you should consider using computer vision AI that can work with your security cameras to detect any suspicious activity. 

Computer vision is a subfield of AI that is dedicated to enabling AI agents to see, hear, even feel objects, pretty much giving it the eyes and ears of a security guard. 

Machine learning—another subfield of AI that makes AI agents learn and improve on their own—ensures that your AI security system will get better and better at its job over time. Not every factory looks the same, nor does every security threat, so machine learning can help an AI agent become an expert on your own unique factory’s layout, and know which areas are the most vulnerable to crime. 

Outside of the Factory

Though we do not always consider it, there can be problems outside of the factory, inside of which has enough vulnerabilities of its own. 

One such danger is issues that drivers can run into on the road, such as robbery and theft. Or, unfortunately, a worker transporting goods may even rob from the manufacturer itself. 

AI tracking technology can be trained to detect any suspicious activity that occurs en route to the destination, i.e., the client who bought the goods being transported. 

A stop that lasts too long or at a strange location, or the driver going off the recommended route, can be signs that AI can quickly detect, and notify the manufacturers and their human security team, to check in on the driver. 


Through a low-cost, highly efficient AI  system, manufacturers can make their security system much more effective across the entire supply chain, stopping offenders from accessing your company’s valuable assets. Whether it is from outside or orchestrated by workers themselves, a security threat can be detected by AI before it becomes a major and costly problem. 

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