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SEO has always been a difficult trade, as there is always a new trend to jump on to help yield better search results for the content you create. 

However, there are two growing AI-related trends that businesses creating SEO strategies simply cannot ignore: Chatbots and short videos. 

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence platform that is usually used in the context of customer service, but ChatGPT has shown just how wide the range can be. 

From writing essays to producing long-form poems, chatbots are becoming more and more impressive. 

However, one use, in particular, will be beefing up search engine algorithms with ChatGPT-level sophistication. This will also tie into the need for short video content in claiming SEO dominance. 


Chatbots Like ChatGPT Are the Next Wave of Search Engine Innovations


What will ChatGPT do for search? 

Imagine an AI chatbot that interacts with a user searching for businesses, asking additional questions to figure out exactly what the user is searching for. 

The user having to sift through the links will become less and less common, and chatbots will more readily offer just what people are looking for. 

This will make for more competitive SEO criteria, as you will need to figure out what the chatbots do when figuring out what content should be offered to users. 

Additionally, search engines will create a heavier focus on evaluating sources. Does your business’s website have a strong reputation for high-quality content? What level of engagement is your content usually at? Being strong in these areas is going to become even more essential as time goes on. 


Blogs Aren’t Enough: Create Short Videos 


It is getting increasingly difficult to grab attention, and blogs should be just one part of your creative strategy. On LinkedIn, social media, and YouTube, short videos are becoming more in-demand from people looking for information that is delivered clearly and efficiently. 

AI will be able to tie into this in the future, as well, if not already. If Google and Microsoft are able to successfully implement next-level computer vision and Natural Language Processing platforms into their search, then the sounds, such as your words, in a video will be competing with the words in a blog. 

And, given that people tend to prefer watching videos to reading, anyone who corners the short video market will be in the running to win the Attention Olympics in SEO. 


Key Takeaway: Diversify Your Content Output Without Sacrificing Quality


Content is competitive, as you already know, but it is only going to get more competitive. 

Short videos appeal to internet users because they offer an easy and succinct delivery of information. However, the format alone does not guarantee engagement—you still need to be instantly interesting to people, whether it is on LinkedIn, Instagram, or YouTube. 

Though most people may prefer videos, this does not mean that you should be slacking on written content, whether it is blogs or social media. 

Specialize in just one area, like blogs, or short videos, and you will lag behind your competitors who cover all the bases. 

Keywords and key phrases are still going to be massively important to ranking on search engines, so writing blogs that go on your website will never go out of style for staying on the top of searches. 

In short, don’t put all of your content eggs in one basket, and make sure that your content is high-quality. 


GO AI to Grow Your Business


Predicting the prices of raw materials with 99% accuracy. Finding out your customer churn rate well in advance. Analyzing your marketing materials to find out where viewers’ eyes will go, and in what order. 

Guardian Owl Digital knows that AI is not the future—it is right now. And right now, businesses everywhere are making use of their data with AI platforms. 

If you are interested in leveraging automated stock market analysts to grow your business, then reach out to Guardian Owl Digital today. 

GO AI is our artificial intelligence initiative that offers you cutting-edge AI tools through our partnership with Findability Sciences. 

We offer everything from automated chatbots that can converse with your customer base, to advertising programs that use computer vision to optimize your creative marketing strategies. 


Let’s GO.


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