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The internet is a big place, so to power around 30% of its websites is quite an impressive claim. It’s a claim that belongs to WordPress, which has steadily become one of the strongest forces for helping the internet function since 2003. 

It makes sense why WordPress has become so dominant. Setting up a site through WP is a fast process, and maintaining it is easy. The tools for seo optimization don’t take too long to master, either, so it won’t be long before anyone can begin pumping out the best content they can offer. 

One of the big questions that has come up within the past decade is whether WordPress is a truly good choice for SEO. WP is certainly one of the most popular options for those who take SEO seriously, but does its popularity necessarily denote quality? Oftentimes this is a dubious question, but it may be the case that WP indeed is one of the strongest choices for those interested in building a good web presence. Keep reading to hear of some of the reasons as to why the quality of WP may be the number one reason for its massive popularity. 

Keywords are well-known for being an essential element for building web presence. Knowing which words potential clients and customers type into Google when searching for a certain product or service is foundational to SEO. WordPress offers users the option to customize URLs, a great tool for optimizing keyword usage. If you can create a unique URL for a page of your website that features a strong keyword, then your chances of being high in the rankings will increase steadily. Also, potential website visitors will be able to tell from the permalink whether your site is of interest to them or not. 

Another important building block of SEO is content creation. If a website is pumping out good content on a consistent basis, then it’s more likely to rank high on search engines. WordPress is designed to allow for quick and easy editing on a site so that blogs and fresh copywriting can be finished and uploaded in a timely fashion. This allows more time to be spent on writing the actual content rather than worrying about publishing it. 

Something WordPress offers that customers and site-runners alike highly value is speed. Websites powered by WordPress have above-average load times. People tend to be more impatient than their usual selves when using the internet, and are known to close tabs to websites that take more than 3 seconds to load–3 seconds on the internet feels much longer than in real time. 

WordPress also allows users to download a host themes to customize their website, aesthetically-pleasing themes with fast loading times, which are proven to help in rankings. A website that looks good and loads quick is sure to outdo competitors, and WordPress can ensure a website can do both. 

Overall, WordPress has good reason for being one of the most-used platforms for growing SEO. Even if a business is simply using SEO plugins, their odds of ranking well are bettered, though their chances of actual success are slim compared to those that hire an SEO agency. Whatever your choice may be, you can be assured that WordPress will make it easier to succeed.