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Search Engine Optimization is difficult to manage for any business owner, but optimizing for automotive dealer websites is even more complicated.  

According to Google the average car shopper visits just two car dealerships prior to pulling the trigger on a new car.

So how do you rank for search terms that drive vehicle detail views on your website from your local market, complying with your franchise coop rules and all without spending a fortune on Google? 

Guardian Owl Digital can help you get higher. We’ve been helping dealers navigate the ever changing landscape of digital marketing for over 15 years.  We have experience managing platforms like Dealer Inspire, Dealer Teamwork, DealerON, and FMC Dealer.  

  • Start Holding your Digital Partners Accountable
  • Stop operating like a cookie cutter dealership.
  • Start holding your 3rd party partners accountable through asking the right questions and analyzing the right data.
  • Stop throwing money at the internet hoping it sticks.
  • Start understanding how to make your digital spend work for a true return on investment.
  • Stop having a “set it and forget it” Google Ads campaign.  Make every single dollar count!
  • Start adding relevant content to your website for your business, not because its template content found on other dealer sites.

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Start Dealership SEO Now

Adding your sales and service listing to Google My Business can seem like a simple start but when is the last time you really checked to see how optimized you are locally?
It turns out there’s a lot more you can do to optimize your presence on Google for both sales and service with Google’s new GMB features.
Add GMB Categories
Google My Business allows you to select categories (a primary category and additional categories) to describe what your automotive dealership offers. 
Add GMB Product Posts Weekly
Auto Dealer Google My Business
Dealer Google My business Case Study
Through adding a Bob Hook Service Center Google My Business we gained the following in 28 days:

40% increase in Map Views

57% increase in Website Visits

96% in Photo Views

8% in Search Views

34% increase in Discovery Searches (People who have never been to our site)

Customer Retention

We understand how important customer retention is in this ever growing industry. We can help keep your customers coming back.

On top of the trends

The automotive industry moves at lightning speed. We stay up to date on the ever changing information pertaining to your industry so you are ahead of the curve.

Creative Services

Your content marketing will never be stale with Guardian Owl. From custom video creation to blog posts about your dealership and everything in between we handle it all.

15 Ways Businesses Can Utilize SEO & Digital Marketing During Coronavirus

Guardian Owl Digital was created to help provide integrity and transparency in the chaos of the internet world and certainly, in times of an uncertain future.

We have compiled 15 ways businesses can utilize seo and digital marketing to help you pivot during the Coronavirus.